Dante Cruz 
San Francisco Shock
Traded from San Francisco Shock to Houston Outlaws
September 18, 2018
Datneh has been traded from the San Francisco Shock to the Houston Outlaws, both organizations confirmed on Tuesday.
After playing for Shock for the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, Danteh's time with the team has come to an end as he has been traded to Houston Outlaws. Although Danteh was able to have consistently strong performances on his team, he rarely made an appearance as the team was overloaded with DPS talent. With his move to Outlaws, Danteh has a much better opportunity to prove himself, with likely increased stage time. Danteh's extensive hero pool and experience will be instrumental to Outlaws success as they try and make a run for the playoffs after narrowly missing out this year.
Makes a rare apperence
June 14, 2018
Danteh tried to turn around the San Francisco Shock in a 3-1 loss to the Los Angeles Valiant on Wednesday of the Overwatch League Stage 4.
The San Francisco Shock went from stomping the Los Angeles Valiant to being blown out by their opponents. In a last ditch effort, the Shock subbed in Danteh on Dorado, a map he's traditionally been a master of in Stage 3. In Shock's defense, Danteh's Junkrat was able to stall the Valiant to a crawl with Los Angeles only scoring three points while in overtime. Unfortunately, Danteh struggled to find openings while on attack against his opponents due to the Valliant's strong tanks.
Tunnels on Shanghai's supporrts
April 13, 2018
Danteh strangled a stubborn Shanghai Dragons in a 3-1 win on Friday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
Despite a series of massive ultimates, the Shanghai Dragons proved to be incredibly solid against Danteh's strong use of ultimates. Danteh's key map would be in Temple of Anubis where he gave an incredible attack that lacked focus. In attempting to capture the second point, Danteh started San Francisco's attack with a Dragonblade that immediately killed Shanghai's supports. Danteh's followup, however, was incredibly weak as he and his teammates failed to focus down targets effectively, leading to an incredibly drawn-out fight. The second point was only captured after Danteh was able to obtain a second Dragonblade to close out the map.
Nearly hacks a win
April 7, 2018
Danteh nearly edged out map wins in a 4-0 loss to Seoul Dynasty on Friday of the Overwatch League.
Danteh tried a variety of tricks in order to take the win over Seoul Dynasty, but Dynasty's strong tanks were more than able to sustain his assault. Danteh hopped from Sombra to Genji to Tracer, trying to find anything to get a pick. Even when he played Sombra, such as in Blizzard World and Temple of Anubis, his EMP ultimate could do little to fully secure fights. Despite this, Danteh was able to keep map close due to his unique choices, such as his back-cap of the payload on Junkertown.
Shows Houston the ways of Tracer
March 19, 2018
Danteh showed the Houston Outlaws what a good Tracer player can do for a team as the San Francisco Shock ran away with a 3-1 victory.
Danteh embarrassed Houston as Tracer, finding his way into their back lines and being an overall nuisance to every member of the Outlaws. He secured plenty of support kills while managing to frustrate the tanks as well with his Pulse Bombs. The icing on the cake was his minimal deaths, this made his threat constant rather than repetitive. Danteh is doing all he can to prove he should stay in the starting lineup.
Stubborn play bites the Shock
March 17, 2018
Danteh sometimes lingered too long on heroes that weren't working during their 3-1 loss at the hands of the London Spitfire.
While Danteh started off playing Sombra fairly well in this series, he didn't know when to quit while he was ahead. This was especially true given the fact that his team was struggling in the later stages of this series. Rather than switch over to a hero that could give his team a boost, he stuck with Sombra to a fault and his team was worse for it. With that being said, however, this Shock squad still looked pretty good against one of the best teams in the league. If they can continue this level of play -- especially on the defensive side -- wins can certainly start coming their way.
Hack the planet
March 14, 2018
Danteh showed off his Sombra prowess despite the San Francisco Shock's 4-0 loss to the New York Excelsior.
The first map, Volskaya Industries, was Danteh's brightest moment, and he spent a majority of the time on Sombra. Elusive and precise, Danteh was making all the right hacks and landing valuable EMP ultimates, but his team could not turn that into a full hold.
Excellent hero pool
March 6, 2018
Danteh was whatever his team needed in a 4-0 victory over the Shanghai Dragons on Saturday at the Blizzard Arena.
Danteh spent most of his time on Tracer during the 4-0 rout of his Chinese competitors, however, he did play a bit of his well-known Junkrat when the team needed some heavy shield breakers. Danteh also played multiple rounds as his teams sole DPS, as Babybay role-swapped to a third tank, fleshing out the ever-evolving meta. Danteh was outstanding for most of the series, however, he did overextend a couple time that resulted in his Tracer getting killed and giving the Dragons prime opportunity to fight 6-vs-5. These small mistakes will need to be resolved of the Shock want to compete versus the better teams within the league.
Versatile despite loss
March 1, 2018
Danteh tried his best to get the San Francisco Shock a win on Wednesday, but they still fell 3-1.
Danteh played a variety of heroes throughout this series, but it wasn't enough to get the team a win. His Sombra almost single-handedly gave the Shock Game 2 of this series, as his Hacks gave the Valiant fits all game long. In the end, however, the Valiant played too strong of a team game for even Danteh's prowess to overcome. The problem with this San Francisco team seems to be that while the DPS bring a high level of consistency, the rest of the team kind of leaves them hanging at times. Without enough coordinated pushes from this team, they are simply unable to get things together long enough to close out matches.
Can't bring the team together
February 26, 2018
Danteh tried to play complimentary to Babybay in the San Francisco Shock's 4-0 loss to the Los Angeles Gladiators on Wednesday.
Danteh was mainly stuck on Tracer for the duration of the series. He made good flanks, getting plenty of kills and causing a bit of chaos in the Gladiators' back lines. Late in the series, however, he had trouble locking down the Gladiators supports as they became more mobile. He then had trouble trying to compliment Babybay as his fellow DPS began rapidly swapping heroes, sending the rest of the team into disarray.
Tries to split Seoul Dynasty apart
February 24, 2018
Danteh attempted to slay out for his team in a 3-1 loss to Seoul Dynasty on Friday.
Danteh and the Shock had a strong gameplan going into this series. They wanted to avoid teamfights, something Seoul Dynasty excels at, while also playing for picks. Danteh was a key part of the latter half of this strategy thanks to his strong Tracer plays that allowed to pinch Dynasty. On Shock's Hanamura defense, for example, Danteh scored a slew of kills thanks to the map's choke points that allowed him to flank from multiple angles, taking out key support targets while his team engaged in a head-on fight.
Tag teams well with Babybay
February 10, 2018
Danteh was on top of his game in a 3-2 loss to the Seoul Dynasty on Friday.
While his team may have lost the series, pushing Seoul to five games was nothing at all to scoff at. It wasn't a fluke either, as they played incredibly well in every aspect of the game. This was especially true for Danteh, who worked well with Babybay to keep the Seoul supports out of fights from start to finish. It seemed like they always found tobi and ryujehong at the start of fights to give his team plenty of confidence. In the end, Seoul simply outworked them on the final map, but this was still a massive moral victory for a struggling Shock squad.
Does what he can to carry the Shock
January 27, 2018
Danteh picked up the slack and found advantages for the San Francisco Shock in its only map victory in a 3-1 loss to the London Spitfire on Wednesday.
Danteh is something of an odd case here in which his movements and positioning on each map are excellent but sometimes his aim is off the mark. With practice, and strong competition, though, Danteh has the potential to turn into a top-rated DPS. Using Tracer, he put a dent into the offense of the London Spitfire, and even if that wasn't enough to win the set, it was an impressive set all around that gives the San Francisco Shock something to work with in the future.
Strong Tracer play from Danteh
January 21, 2018
Danteh had a great series in a close 3-2 victory over the Boston Uprising on Saturday.
Danteh shined brightest throughout the five-game series when he was on Tracer. The dive-centered DPS allowed him to teleport deep and secure otherwise impossible kills and get back to safety. One of Danteh's finest moments was in Game 4 on Oasis where he went hard on the enemy D.Va and killed her mech, then as she popped out he zoned in on her and killed her before she could recharge her suit, clearing the capture point in the process and securing the important victory for his team to tie the game 2-2. The play was impressive due to the accuracy of his shots, not a single one missed on the tiny de-meched D.va, a difficult feat for even the best of players.
Modest outing in series loss
January 18, 2018
Danteh did alright in San Francisco Shock's 1-2 loss in the OWL to the Philadelphia Fusion on Wednesday.
Danteh did decently well for the Shock whenever he was left to his own devices, running amok as Tracer or Genji or else using Junkrat's ridiculous burst damage to pop Fusion squishy targets. Unfortunately for Danteh, though, he crumbled under pressure when Philly focused him out, rendering him ineffective. Danteh's problems are indicative of the team's problems at the moment, since he had a fine outing all things considered, but it wasn't enough to give San Francisco an edge.
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