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Free Agent
Released by Dallas Fuel
March 11, 2018
xQc has been released by the Dallas Fuel, the team announced on Sunday.
After being handed his second suspension by the OWL this past week, the Fuel have decided to part ways with the controversial tank player. Despite being one of the best Winston players in the world, xQc couldn't keep himself above water with his off-stage actions. The Fuel also cites roster flexibility as a reason behind his early release, as his contract was set to expire at the end of the season. "Releasing [xQc] today allows us the flexibility to make additional signings during the league transfer window and allows [xQc] to pursue other opportunities this season and on stream," said Mike Rufail, owner of the Dallas Fuel. Time will tell if another OWL team will take a shot on the talented player.
Suspended and fined by OWL
March 9, 2018
xQc has received a four-match suspension and a $4,000 fine by the Overwatch League.
After previously being suspended by both the League and his team during Stage 1, xQc has run into hot water once again. This time around, his suspension (effective March 12) and fine stem from his repeated use of an emote in a "racially disparaging manner" on the OWL stream and on social media. Further, he is said to have "used disparaging language" against OWL casters and players on social media and his personal stream. As this is his second suspension from the OWL, he was likely on incredibly thin ice, which meant that any small step out of line would have resulted in a suspension. He has seemingly made several steps out of line, resulting in his punishments. With his suspension not effective until March 12, he is still eligible to play in the Fuel's match against the Florida Mayhem on Saturday, but will then be ineligible for the next four matches.
Struggles heavily in loss to Valiant
March 5, 2018
xQc failed to make any space for the Dallas Fuel in their 3-1 loss to the Los Angeles Valiant on Friday.
xQc has always been a point of contention for the Dallas Fuel, and Friday's match was no different. He repeatedly dove too far from his teammates at the cost of his life. xQc's playstyle is extremely aggressive, and this could work if the rest of Dallas was with him when he jumped. However, it visually looks like he's playing a solo queue game instead of with the rest of his team. xQc needs to learn to move as part of a unit with his Winston rather than an angry monkey.
Suspended by team for remainder of Stage 1
January 19, 2018
The Dallas Fuel have announced that xQc will be suspended for remainder of Stage 1 following his derogatory remarks on stream Thursday night.
While xQc looked to receive just a four-game suspension and $2,000 fine from the OWL in relation to his comments on stream, the Dallas Fuel have taken it a bit further. In addition to the punishment levied by the League, the team has decided further suspend xQC for the remainder of Stage 1. The team further stated that it will be offering xQc plenty of coaching and additional resources to help him improve inside and outside of competition. With the Fuel struggling to start Stage 1, they will now need to right the ship without the help of xQc.
Suspended and fined
January 19, 2018
xQc has been suspended for four matches and fined $2,000 by the League for violation of the OWL Code of Conduct.
While the Dallas Fuel tweeted earlier in the day that xQc was benched for Friday's series, the League has now confirmed that xQc is suspended after finding his homophobic comments made on stream Thursday night in violation of the OWL's Code of Conduct. With his four-game suspension starting Friday night, xQc will next be available when the Fuel take on the New York Excelsior on February 3. This suspension surely sets a precedent and lets players know that they will need to be mindful of their comments and actions on their personal streams in addition to official OWL play.
Benched for series against London
January 19, 2018
xQc has been benched for Friday's series against the London Spitfire while the team discusses disciplinary action against the player related to his "recent comments."
On his stream after the Dallas Fuel's loss to the Houston Outlaws on Thursday night, xQc made homophobic comments (Warning: NSFW language) towards Outlaws' player Muma in relation to his sexual orientation. While xQc was quick to catch himself before saying anything further, the damage was apparently done. The Fuel didn't initially comment on the situation, but announced just hours before the team was set to take on the London Spitfire that they would be taking disciplinary action on his comments. No additional details on such action were given besides the fact that he would not be active for Friday's series.
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