Jake Lyon 
Houston Outlaws
Doesn't understand the meta
June 4, 2018
Despite the Houston Outlaws getting a 3-1 victory over the Florida Mayhem, Jake still doesn't seem to know how best to play the game.
In his last several matches, Jake has shown a fundamental misunderstanding of the meta and how his team needs him to play. Jake's performance seems to be affected more by his playstyle than his hero choice, as he is often isolating himself from the team, being over aggressive without support and not peeling for his teammates when playing as Brigitte. He is quickly becoming a cancer to the Outlaws as it seems that even when he is finding kills, they aren't helping anything but Jake's stats.
Same old problems
May 25, 2018
Jake couldn't get the job done for the Houston Outlaws in their 3-1 loss to the Los Angeles Gladiators.
Jake is in a good position to succeed this meta, with his primary heroes being strong. However, the Gladiators managed to look right past Jake after Game 1, destroying the rest of the Outlaws backline and worrying about Jake later. Jake needs to find a way to warrant more attention from enemy teams for the Outlaws to find the success they seek.
Underutilized in overtime
May 5, 2018
Jake wasnt played to the fullest of his potential in the Houston Outlaws' 3-2 loss to the San Francisco Shock.
Jake has done a superb job of transitioning into a competent Tracer player in order to best compliment LiNkzr. Unfortunately, Jake is now being pigeonholed into this role and the Outlaws are seemingly forgetting about his other heroes. It was Architect running the Pharah over the Outlaws on Oasis rather than Jake running a Pharah over the Shock. Underutilizing Jake and opting instead to try to ignore Architect was the final nail in the Outlaws' coffin for Stage 3.
Takes the heat off Linkzr
April 27, 2018
Jake kept the eyes on him in the Houston Outlaws 3-1 victory over the Los Angeles Valiant.
Jake has been the beneficiary of a favorable map pool in Stage 3 that enables his Junkrat play, whereas the map pool hurt him in Stage 2. Though relying on map selection isn't the best place for Houston to be, it notched them a win over a top-quality team. Expect Jake to be dependent on the map draw from week to week.
Working on his Tracer
April 22, 2018
Jake spent a lot of time trying to better his Tracer play during the Houston Outlaws' 3-0 victory over the Dallas Fuel.
Though Clockwork saw some playing time Houston is approaching their lack of a Tracer player on dual fronts, pushing Jake to practice the hero against Dallas. Though his abilities are often inefficiently utilized and his movement is clunky and awkward, Jake was still able to come away with some dual wins against EFFECT. Jake needs more time and improvement to become the Tracer player that Houston needs, but he is well on his way.
Opts for Sombra again
April 16, 2018
Jake whipped out a late game Sombra for the second time during Week 2 of Stage 3 in the Houston Outlaws 3-2 loss to the New York Excelsior.
Houston has been having a lot of trouble with control point maps recently and its fair to think it could be because of Jake's Sombra play. Jake, who is an excellent Phrarah player, seems intent to push Sombra on maps that she is less suited for than another hero in his slowly growing pool. So far all this has done is exacerbate Houston's problem of not being able to draw heat from LiNkzr.
Improving on Tracer
April 16, 2018
Jake is showing improvements on his flex heroes despite losing 3-2 to the Philadelphia Fusion.
Jake spent a lot of time flexing against Philadelphia, playing Tracer, Genji and Soldier throughout the series. His Tracer is definitely getting better as the team was able to hang with Philadelphia for the majority of the series without Linkzr having to do most of the work. Though it might still benefit the Outlaws to pickup a Tracer specialist in the offseason, they are managing just fine for now.
Jakerat forever
April 9, 2018
Jake did flex a bit in the Houston Outlaws 4-0 loss to the Boston Uprising, but continually found himself falling back to his comfort hero Junkrat.
At this point, Jake isn't gimping the Houston Outlaws as much as whoever is in charge of the roster. Jake has demonstrated that his abilities on heroes not named Junkrat are well below average for the Overwatch League. Houston's strategy seems to be keeping Jake doing what he does best, allowing LiNkzr to work around him and hoping for a good outcome. Until Jake's hero pool expands, Houston will be hoping for a meta shift or a miracle to win consistently.
Expanding his role
April 6, 2018
Jake showed his ability to flex onto other heroes in Houston's 3-2 victory over the London Spitifire.
The Outlaws performance has undoubtedly gotten a boost with the Stage 3 map pool being more conducive to Jake running Junkrat. While he did spend the majority of the series on his signature hero, he flexed off to Sombra and also to Tracer, showing improvement on both heroes. With Houston ultimately netting the win due to egregious mistakes by London, it remains to be seen whether or not Jake should be starting in this lineup.
Is officially the problem
March 19, 2018
In the Houston Outlaw's 3-1 loss to the San Francisco Shock, it became abundantly clear that Jake is now a problem for the Outlaws.
Despite having his hero pool issues brushed aside while Houston was winning in Stage 1, Jakes inability to play Tracer has emerged as a glaring weakness for Houston. His hero pool being out of favor in this meta has put most of the pressure on Linkzr to carry the team. Until Jake can stop being mostly dead weight, expect Houston to keep losing.
Continues to be a problem for Houston
March 14, 2018
While Houston certainly has more than one problem, the most evident one over the past few games has been Jake, and it was no different in the Outlaws' 4-0 loss to the Los Angeles Valiant.
Jake was originally benched to start the series, possibly due to a reported illness, but was brought in and stayed in after Game 1. Despite being underrated in Stage 1, Jake now seems found out. He has been ineffective and rarely warranted attention from the Valiant, allowing them to focus down LiNkzr.
Weak link for Houston
March 4, 2018
Jake seemed to be slumping in Houston's 3-2 loss to the Philadelphia Fusion on Thursday.
It was announced prior to the match that Jake had been recovering from flu-like symptoms earlier in the week. Based on his level of play, he looked like he may still be suffering. Usually a cunning player, many of his moves were telegraphed and easily countered by Philadelphia. Jake could never find consistent success despite resorting to use of his signature Junkrat on several occasions.
Junkrat god
February 25, 2018
Jake showed his talents off in a 4-0 victory over the Boston Uprising on Saturday.
Jake subbed in for Clockwork on Lijiang Tower for his signature Junkrat spam. This worked ridiculously well on the triple tank lineup that the Uprising opted for and forced them to make mid-game adjustments that they were unable to effectively establish. Jake also made some great plays on Tracer, showing once again that he can do it all in a pinch and is an excellent resource to have for the Houston Outlaws.
Does it all for Houston
February 24, 2018
Jake was a jack of all trades hero in the 3-2 win against the London Spitfire on Thursday evening.
While Jake played excellently on every hero he swapped to during the series, his Junkrat, in particular, was a terror on Nepal and he added Tracer to his hero pool which helped close out the series on Ilios. His flexibility continues to aim for perfection and he'll only continue to excel as each series goes by. Continuously adding more heroes to his arsenal makes Jake deadlier as time goes on.
Flashy and impactful player
January 29, 2018
Jake was a menace to the Los Angeles Gladiators in the Outlaws massive 4-0 victory on Saturday evening.
Jake was nearly uncontested in his mayhem of the LA Gladiators. In Game 1 on attack, Jake opted for a Pharah pick and came out rockets blazing, scoring 2 double kills nearly instantaneously and helping his team cap the first point on Numbani in under one minute of game time. This set the tone for the rest of the match as Jake stayed on Pharah or opted for the hypermobile Tracer as the match and team comp demanded, always being a huge boon to his team and a terrible threat to the enemy.
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