Mucas Hakansson 
Houston Outlaws
Moves from player to Content Creator
September 3, 2018
Mendo will be moving into a new role as a Content Creator for the Houston Outlaws, the team announced Monday.
After only playing in a single series this season, Mendo will now move from the Outlaws bench to their content creation team. While that will be his role in the near future, there's no telling whether he will stick with this or try to make his way back onto a team for Season 2.
Struggles in his Houston Outlaws debut
December 9, 2017
Mendokusaii failed to make an impact during Houston's 1-2 series loss to Seoul Dynasty on Thursday in the OWL Preseason.
Poor Mendo made his return to professional Overwatch on Ilios for Game 3, only to get locked into a Pharah duel against one of the world's premier DPS players in Fleta. Starting on Well, Mendo took a walloping early on, frequently forced to retreat after eating an airshot while trying desperately to find damage that the rest of the Outlaws could capitalize on. Mendo found a few kills, but it wasn't nearly enough as the Dynasty took Map 1. Map two was even worse for Houston, as Mendo and the rest of the Outlaws couldn't even sniff the point in the face of Seoul's superior firepower. Mendo struggled to even scratch the Dynasty supports as Seoul took Map 3 with a 100-0 second map score. Mendokusaii did not play the rest of the series.
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