Kim Ji-Hyeok 
South Korea
London Spitfire
Lights up the Valiant in win
July 20, 2018
birdring was on fire during the London Spitfire's 3-1 win over the Los Angeles Valiant on Wednesday.
birdring might have slumped at certain points during the season, but he is certainly back in business in a major way here during the playoffs. It doesn't matter who he's up against; he simply tears it up and runs through everyone on his way to victory. With he and Profit both doing just that, the Valiant were unable to push by and London picked up the 3-1 win.
Brings it home for London
July 18, 2018
birdring helped the London Spitfire to a 3-0 match victory over the Los Angeles Gladiators and won the playoff series 2-1, advancing to the semifinals.
birdring was king in the third and final series against the Los Angeles Gladiators. While the western warriors didn't put up much of a fight, it was birdring who killed their momentum early. With time winding down on Junkertown, birdring's three-kill Dragonstrike kept the Gladiators off the payload and heavily disadvantaged to kill the clock and secure an early lead.
Heats up in 1st series
July 18, 2018
birdring was heating up in the London Spitfire's 3-0 victory over the Los Angeles Gladiators to even the playoff series at 1-1.
birdring didn't start off in prime form but he was quick to get there. He spent most of his time playing Widowmaker and faced stiff competition from the opposing hit scan DPS player Surefour. Despite birdring being held in check most of the time, he was able to turn it on when the Spitfire needed it the most. birdring looks to be back in form and completely healed from his injury earlier in the season.
Missing Shots
July 15, 2018
birdring didn't look up to his usual excellence during the 3-0 loss to the Los Angeles Gladiators during the playoffs on Wednesday.
For the last half of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, birdring was the only DPS that the team could rely on to carry the rest of the team during its struggle, but during the first best-of-five against the Gladiators, he just didn't have any presence and his shots on Widowmaker didn't seem to meet any of its marks.
Forged through hellfire
June 16, 2018
birdring continuously proved his worth during a 3-1 loss to the Philadelphia Fusion.
While the team lost, the London Spitfire single-handedly prevented the Fusion from reaching the playoffs after a push to the end in Watchpoint: Gibraltar. The whole team pitched in at the end, which was one of the most unified moments for the team, but none of it would really be possible without birdring's Widowmaker crushing the Fusion from the far back, in the safety of his sniper's nest. birdring is incredible and his team has never been so far gone that it made him look bad.
On fire with Widowmaker
June 15, 2018
Birdring played incredible during a 4-0 victory against the Florida Mayhem.
Birdring continues to prove that he is one of the best DPS players in the Overwatch League, able to look incredible no matter the opponent and no matter how much his team holds him back from week to week. The fact that he commands so much respect is the mark that he's not good just because his team is good. Getting several multi kills against the Mayhem tipped the scales wildly in the favor of the Spitfire.
Clutch shots kept team afloat for as long as possible
June 9, 2018
birdring is a force to be reckoned with despite a 3-2 loss to the Los Angeles Gladiator.
birdring being an incredible player continues to be an understatement, but he never stops surprising people who expect London to continue to do poorly. He pulled out McCree, a hero people haven't seen him use for a while after so much Widowmaker play. In a simple and elegant manner, his left-clicks were a work of art, getting some incredible clutch headshots on opponents to delay the loss as long as possible.
Bathing in the spotlight
June 3, 2018
birdring popped off despite being handed a 3-1 loss by the Dallas Fuel on Saturday.
birdring's resurgence into hero status for the London Spitfire is one of the two only factors that keep the team going at this stage of the inaugural Overwatch League season. Excellent in whatever he played, his Widowmaker and Tracer spoke for itself but may lead to strange problems with the team composition. Since there's a slight overlap in what he and Profit play well, the team suffers when Profit has to change heroes to play something else. This is a problem with no easy solution but for now, it makes no sense to change how birdring is playing, and whom he plays.
Back in form
June 1, 2018
Birdring performed well during 2-1 victory against the Boston Uprising on Thursday night.
While not necessarily news for this series, birdring performed well again on any DPS he played on. It's important to emphasize that he's continuously doing well since the team has not looked great for a while. It's proof that he doesn't look good just because he's fighting worse or even opponents.
Incredible Widowmaker play
May 25, 2018
Birdring attained a high level of play during 3-2 win over the San Francisco Shock on Thursday
Birdring's Widowmaker was at the best we had seen it for a very long time. His teammates were honestly not doing well, attacking one at a time or just not on the same page but because Birdring was landing so many shots, the London's offence worked anyway which basically sums up the whole series. Birdring hard-carried his team and hopefully, he continues to do so.
Still somewhat reliable
May 20, 2018
birdring was still someone to be counted on during a 3-1 loss to New York Excelsior.
Where the rest of his team continues to fall through the cracks, at least birdring still plays well enough to instill some hope in the London fanbase. Unfortunately, it's not enough to make London look like a functional team, because it's not. birdring can't do everything himself, and he wasn't perfect to begin with.
Looks like old self
May 6, 2018
birdring almost looked like his old self during 3-2 victory against the Seoul Dynasty.
birdring used to be known as one of the best DPS in the League but this stage has looked extremely poor. The Spitfire, however, just don't lose to Seoul Dynasty so birdring felt right at home and took down the Dynasty; business as usual. Hopefully, this final game of Stage 3 gives him the confidence to start Stage 4 strong.
Lost off the path, delivers disappointing series
April 15, 2018
birdring still not back up to form during a 3-2 loss to the Philadelphia Fusion.
The hero the Spitfire once had going through Stages 1 and 2, is nowhere to be seen. Whether it's his individual performance that's just way below its usual standard or everyone got better than him on enemy teams, it's sometimes hard to tell but what is obvious is that he is not as good as he once used to be within the context of the Overwatch league. His Widowmaker play is ineffective and his Tracer is incredibly lacking. Whatever is happening, birdring is a liability now.
Strong even in defeat
April 7, 2018
birdring did his best but couldn't seal the deal and lost 3-2 against the Houston Outlaws.
Given that the Houston Outlaws are undefeated in the regular season against the London Spitfire, birdring had a tough time making a dent in Houston's solid lineup. He played better than his team, living up to the name of being considered the best DPS in the OWL. His Widowmaker is still top notch and his flexibility is top notch, but with the rest of the Spitfire lagging behind a bit this match he couldn't carry it hard enough.
Slips slightly but delivers solid game
March 10, 2018
birdring turned his team around in a 3-1 loss to Los Angeles Gladiators on Saturday.
Subbing in for Hooreg after the first two maps, birdring had a rough series. On the one hand, his ability to play long-range heroes like McCree and Widowmaker allowed him to suppress Los Angeles' dives. But this meant all Los Angeles had to do was wait and bank their ultimates. On the other hand, birdring had trouble sticking to a hero for long as he struggled to consistently damage his opponents, such as on King's Row. Because of this, he often didn't have his ultimate ready for fights.
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