Kim Ji-Hyeok 
South Korea
London Spitfire
Lost off the path, delivers disappointing series
April 15, 2018
birdring still not back up to form during a 3-2 loss to the Philadelphia Fusion.
The hero the Spitfire once had going through Stages 1 and 2, is nowhere to be seen. Whether it's his individual performance that's just way below its usual standard or everyone got better than him on enemy teams, it's sometimes hard to tell but what is obvious is that he is not as good as he once used to be within the context of the Overwatch league. His Widowmaker play is ineffective and his Tracer is incredibly lacking. Whatever is happening, birdring is a liability now.
Strong even in defeat
April 7, 2018
birdring did his best but couldn't seal the deal and lost 3-2 against the Houston Outlaws.
Given that the Houston Outlaws are undefeated in the regular season against the London Spitfire, birdring had a tough time making a dent in Houston's solid lineup. He played better than his team, living up to the name of being considered the best DPS in the OWL. His Widowmaker is still top notch and his flexibility is top notch, but with the rest of the Spitfire lagging behind a bit this match he couldn't carry it hard enough.
Slips slightly but delivers solid game
March 10, 2018
birdring turned his team around in a 3-1 loss to Los Angeles Gladiators on Saturday.
Subbing in for Hooreg after the first two maps, birdring had a rough series. On the one hand, his ability to play long-range heroes like McCree and Widowmaker allowed him to suppress Los Angeles' dives. But this meant all Los Angeles had to do was wait and bank their ultimates. On the other hand, birdring had trouble sticking to a hero for long as he struggled to consistently damage his opponents, such as on King's Row. Because of this, he often didn't have his ultimate ready for fights.
Stayed calm, composed, and focused
March 10, 2018
bridring briefly lost his touch in the London Spitfire's 4-0 victory over the Boston Uprising on Day 3 in Week 3 of Stage 2 in the OWL.
birdring has historically been one of the more consistent DPS players in the league. However, today on Map 3 Hollywood he seemed a little tilted. birding wasn't have the usual success that he has, and swapped his hero choice around often. It was clear he wasn't having a solid day when he Dragon Bladed and immediately died. Hopefully this doesn't become a habit.
Pours on the damage despite loss
February 24, 2018
birdring played excellent, but it wasn't enough as the London Spitfire took a 3-2 loss against the Houston Outlaws in its first game on Thursday night.
birdring's ability as a DPS continues to impress, swapping between any hero needed, he'll get the kills on Widowmaker, Tracer, McCree or Soldier: 76. Any hero his team needs to adapt to a dire situation, he can play it. In this loss against Houston, he didn't miss a step but in an extremely close match against the great team, it alone wasn't enough this time around.
Can't get proper positioning
February 12, 2018
birdring had some unique angles on the New York Excelsior in the London Spitfire's 2-3 loss on Saturday.
birdring's mechanical skill is supreme, with a notable four-shot kill onto Ark's Mercy early in the series. Most of the time this is supported by an interesting position by birdring in an attempt to maximize his impact. However, this seemed to work more effectively on some maps than others. For Payload and Assault maps they did well, but on Control he was caught out alone at critical moments. Once birdring memorizes all of these maps he'll be a force to reckon with everywhere, but right now it's a little limited.
Stands up against Fleta in statement win
February 2, 2018
birdring played a strong set against the Seoul Dynasty to give the London Spitfire a 4-0 win on Thursday.
All throughout this series, birdring continued to be the standout DPS player that always is. He secured picks with his Widowmaker all day long, giving the Dynasty fits. This was especially true in the case of Fleta, who birdring pushed around from start to finish. London seems to be hitting their stride in the final couple weeks of the season as they push towards the top of the standings.
Brings the pain in Spitfire win
January 27, 2018
birdring proved once again to be a valuable asset for his team in a 3-1 victory against the San Francisco Shock on Wednesday.
birdring is as ever the talented DPS player as he proved on Widowmaker. Often more than not, if both teams employ Widowmaker at the same time, they're usually trying to snipe the other first so that they have free reign to take out the rest of the key targets on the opposing team. birdring was on the winning side of this matchup against Babybay almost every single time to the point where there was a highlight reel worthy play each and every time. The hurt never stopped coming as he just kept dominate, especially on Junkertown where he continued to neutralize Babybay, keeping his team safe from outside threats.
Closes out the win
January 22, 2018
birdring helped seal away the Los Angeles Valiant as the London Spitfire beat the western squad 3-2 in overtime.
birdring remained a constant for the Spitfire, never seeing the bench during the match. He tended to stick to hitscan heroes and found his success with those heroes. He practically won the overtime for his team as Widowmaker, picking off Valiant players with ease and keeping the team running to the point in staggered waves.
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