Seong Seung-Hyun 
South Korea
XL2 Academy
Inactive for the Spitfire
May 22, 2018
WooHyal has been made inactive on the London Spitfire roster, the team announced Tuesday.
While WooHyal has had his moments with the Spitfire, it seems as though the team has decided to narrow their scope of play for the rest of the season. As such, the three players (WooHyal, HaGoPeun, and Hooreg) that came from GC Busan were placed on the inactive list. This will allow the Spitfire to focus on the unit that has the most experience together. Only time will tell if this move ends up helping the team at all.
No room to stretch his wings
May 20, 2018
WooHyaL did as well as he could during the 3-1 loss to the New York Excelsior on Saturday Night.
WooHyaL is typically a hero when it comes to D.Va play, even if he's not always considered the best in the league, especially given London's performance throughout Stage 3 and this first week of Stage 4. Despite that, WooHyaL's D.Va wasn't downright terrible. It's just that the whole team itself can't give him the room to really shine.
Saving Grace for the Spitfire
April 15, 2018
Woohyal's fantastic but unable to salvage in a 3-2 loss to Philadelphia Fusion on Saturday.
While Woohyal's D.Va is great, he is not Fury. Sometimes just getting out of position, just drops instead of being able to contribute much to a team fight but for most of the time, he is an excellent offensive D.Va. With practice, his ability to assist teammates could be as good as Fury's but for now, Woohyal being consistently good with his self-destructs is still a great asset. He just needs to get as good as he used to be back in Stage 2 because that guy was where the magic happened.
Sets the bar for D.Va play even higher
March 25, 2018
WooHyal's top-tier performance decimated the Dallas Fuel in the London Spitfire's 3-1 victory Saturday on Day 4 of Week 5 in Stage 2 of the OWL.
Playing D.Va is easy, but playing like WooHyal's D.Va is one of the most difficult achievements. He was able to simultaneously react to the Fuel's advance while knowing when to jump onto their backline. While he never had any huge Self-Destructs, his mere presence was able to open an insane amount of space for Profit and birdring to enter the scene. WooHyal is a top-tier D.Va player and is certainly in contention for the title of Best D.Va player.
Shows off against Dragons
February 4, 2018
WOOHYAL was incredibly on point with his tank play in the London Spitfire's 4-0 sweep of the Shanghai Dragons on Saturday.
WOOHYAL, along with the rest of his team, was on fire in this series from start to finish. He opened up with a dominant 10 eliminations to just one death in the opening games when they held the Dragons to no points whatsoever. As the series went on, the Dragons were simply unable to breach the frontline led by WOOHYAL and were repeatedly knocked down by his teammates in the rough series.
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