Chan-hyung Baek 
South Korea
Los Angeles Gladiators
Will transfer to LA Gladiators
February 13, 2018
Los Angeles Gladiators will acquire Fissure from the London Spitfire, as per ESPN's Jacob Wolf .
Los Angeles might have enjoyed the synergy between iReMiix and Bischu early on, but that tank line failed to create any space for the Gladiators backline, resulting in some heartbreaking losses. With the addition of Fissure, one of the best main tanks in the world, LAG has landed a serious upgrade while giving Asher another Korean to link up with. It remains to be seen how Fissure will integrate, but since he can play every main tank at a phenomenal level, expect to see Fissure make waves as he moves on from competing for the starting spot with Gesture on London.
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