Hong Jae-Hui 
South Korea
London Spitfire
Coordinated with the Team for Max Effectiveness
May 6, 2018
Gesture's coordination had an impact during a 3-1 victory over the Shanghai Dragons on Saturday.
Gesture brought out Orisa on Junkertown, using the graviton charge to set up a perfect self-destruct situation for fellow tank Fury to wipe out the Dragons during their push. While this isn't revolutionary, the London Spitfire has been lacking a lot of coordination this stage so seeing something like this is optimistic heading into the final stage of the season.
Lukewarm Winston Play
May 6, 2018
Gesture fumbled his plays in 3-2 victory to the Seoul Dynasty on Friday night.
Gesture wasn't all bad but he's still not playing as well as people are used to seeing him on the big stage. His Winston engages were either spot on or completely off the mark. He needs to get his bearings together before Stage 4 rolls around, as well as the rest of his team.
Causing chaos in enemy backlines
April 29, 2018
Gesture's Winston dives were key in 4-0 victory over the San Francisco Shock on Saturday.
Gesture's Winston was phenomenally unstoppable. He didn't die much but when he did he at least died with purpose. Soaking up damage without going too deep gave insurmountable map presence on Winston. This especially helped divert the attention from the Spitfire backline and onto Gesture, allowing the team to work and function like it used to.
Routinely picked off
March 31, 2018
Gesture had trouble staying alive in the London Spitfire's 2-3 loss against the Philadelphia Fusion in the Stage 2 Playoffs in the OWL.
Gesture is a top-tier Winston player, and always engages with at least one other teammate. This level of coordination is both a strength and a weakness. Against most teams, London used this strategy to get one or two picks, but the Fusion knew this would happen so they strategized around it. Thus, Gesture would quickly find himself in a hairy situation and have to back off. In the end, he couldn't change up his style of play enough to beat out the Fusion.
Stellar Winston play to secure victory
March 25, 2018
Gesture was a crazy monkey for the London Spitfire in a 3-1 victory over the Dallas Fuel for Day 4 in Week 5 of Stage 2 for the OWL.
Playing with the level of timing that Gesture displays on Winston is extremely difficult. The role requires perfect positioning, communication, and timing in order for all the pieces to fall into place. Gesture makes it all look easy as he's jumping in with Profit's Tracer to secure a kill onto chipshajen's Zenyatta, or knowing when to use Primal Rage in order to stall long enough for his team to retake the point. Gesture continues to show us what makes Winston such a strong tank effortlessly.
Throws down with Shanghai's backline
March 24, 2018
Gesture easily bullied Shanghai Dragons in a 4-0 sweep on Friday of the Overwatch League, Stage 2.
While not nearly as aggressive as most Winston players, Gesture continues to be one of the best tanks in the game thanks to his impeccable zoning. Gesture easily bullied around the Dragon's weak and disorganized frontline by simply walking up to them. In fact, both of Shanghai's tanks seemed to never be around as they often dove too deep onto London's frontline. This left easy targets for Gesture to clean-up with his signature Winston.
Shocks and zones Seoul Dynasty.
March 18, 2018
Gesture locked down Seoul Dynasty's frontline in a 4-0 on Saturday in the Overwatch League, Stage 2.
Gesture stuck to his Winston and it worked wonderfully for him. Seoul's frontline was completely disorganized, allowing Gesture to split their formations apart with simple engagements. His aggressive Winston forced his opponents to fight him, despite their backline getting shredded by London's DPS. For example, on Lijiang Tower Garden, Winston was able to box Seoul off the point in their first fight thanks to his Bubble Shield. The other instance would be on Lijiang Tower Night Market where Gesture bullied Seoul into the market hallway.
Tough tank play in Spitfire win
March 2, 2018
In a tough 3-1 victory against the Florida Mayhem, Gesture showed up for his team and helped protect his team when he could.
Gesture is known for his Winston and there are plenty of highlights of him diving in for the kill but in recent weeks he's been on and off in regards to actually protecting his team. In this match, he looked better but against a worse team so his play is far from polished like it was in Stage 1. Even so, decent tank work must be recognized and he helped protect his team in key moments when pushing the payload or taking points maps throughout the series.
Can't keep his DPS players alive
February 24, 2018
Gesture couldn't protect his team enough leading to a 3-2 loss for the London Spitfire to the Houston Outlaws on Thursday.
Gesture's Winston play is usually top notch, knowing where to drop his shields, especially on top of a self-destructing D.Va mech, but in the face of Jake and LiNkzr, he just wasn't able to be everywhere at once in the face of dire trouble, as the Houston Outlaws descended on the London squad like a harbinger of death. Gesture needs to be more concise about where he's going to go, because while saving everyone is the dream of a tank, sometimes it's not realistic, and you lose your supports and the teamfight.
Passive in defeat
February 12, 2018
Gesture never took any real chances against the New York Excelsior is the London Spitfire's 2-3 loss on Day 4 in Week 5 of the OWL.
Gesture seemed to constantly second guess on every engage. This came across on screen as a hesitant Spitfire as a whole at critical times. Having such a passive tank allowed the Excelsior to dictate the pace of fights. While it's a good idea to respect a team such as the Excelsior, Gesture needs to be more confident in his play to give the Spitfire more opportunities to succeed.
Hammers Philadelphia in big win
January 14, 2018
Gesture was a monster against the Philadelphia Fusion on Saturday, leading the London Spitfire to a 4-0 sweep.
Gesture earned player of the series honors with style as the main tank, displaying great playmaking abilities on all three main tank picks. As Reinhardt, he swatted Philly's tanks out of position while landing huge Firestrikes to deal big damage. As Orisa, his shield management and ability to quickly generate ult charge was impressive, to say the least. His Winston, compared to the other heroes he played, was decidedly average but it was more than enough to get the job done and dominate the frontline battle for London.
Bringing Reinhardt back
January 12, 2018
Gesture pushed over the Florida Mayhem in the London Spitfire's 3-1 victory in the OWL Thursday.
Gesture made being a sneaking Reinhardt look easy on Oasis while opening the doors for the rest of his team otherwise. Despite some shaky target prioritization at times, Gesture kept himself alive through thick and thin. This allowed him to come back into fights at the best time to give Profit or Birdring the chance they need to make a play. If you want to understand what a tank should be doing, Gesture is a strong player to analyze.
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