Jo Heyon-Woo 
South Korea
Mayhem Academy
Placed on the inactive list
May 22, 2018
HaGoPeun has been removed from active play, the London Spitfire announced Tuesday.
With the Spitfire going through some major growing pains once again, they have decided to designate four of their players as inactive. In the press release, the Spitfire stated that they are looking to get back to a smaller core of players to focus on moving forward. As such, HaGoPeun got the metaphorical boot. He will remain on the roster until the end of the season once their contracts expire or a mutual release is agreed upon.
Transcends the definition of wrath
April 20, 2018
HaGoPeun unleashed his wrath despite the 3-2 loss to the Boston Uprising on Thursday.
HaGoPeun's Zenyatta amazed the crowd, especially on Numbani, where he took out the Uprising and his name flashed through the entirety of the killfeed. Aside from that play, his play on Zenyatta was stellar, being exactly where he needed to be at all times and ready to protect his teammates.
Gives his tema room to play
March 24, 2018
HaGoPeun easily kept his teammates up in a 4-0 sweep of the Shanghai Dragons on Friday of the Overwatch League, Stage 2.
Shanghai Dragons were unable to pressure HaGoPeun, leaving him with to easily heal-up his team. Even in the few cases where he got pressured, HaGoPeun could slay with his backline to shut-down any annoyance. For example, in London's attack of Watchpoint: Gibraltar HaGoPeun was dived onto by Shanghai's Winston, but the Winston dived in alone. This allowed both Closer and HaGoPeun to quickly shut him down due to his over-commitment.
Gives a rough and uneven performance
March 10, 2018
HaGoPeun struggled to support his team a 3-1 loss to the Los Angeles Gladiators on Saturday.
Normally a strong healer, HaGoPeun had an awkward series. Playing only two maps, he had several questionable plays that put his team into a difficult position. Most of these came Volskaya Industries on London's attack round where HaGoPeun played Zenyatta. He would often use his Transcendence early to get his team onto the point, but this allowed the Gladiators to easily wait out his healing before using their own ultimates, such on London's first attack of the second point. Later, on Lijiang Tower, HaGoPeun had a harder time as he was unable to lay down any damage. Because of this, HaGoPeun would rarely have his ultimate ready for fights.
Big baller performance as Zenyatta
March 2, 2018
HaGoPeun's profound Zenyatta play earned a 3-1 victory for the London Spitfire over the Florida Mayhem on Thursday.
London's play was shaky against Florida this week, where what once would be a clean sweep of a weaker team was a struggle to stay afloat. HaGoPeun was the consistent factor that kept the Spitfire alive, though, as his Zenyatta play got the first kill in teamfights 10 percent of the time across the series. This meant that HaGoPeun had his ultimate up fairly often, giving London a huge defensive tool to shut down Florida's limited attack. Going through this rough patch, HaGoPeun's support play means multitudes in and out of the game.
Heals well in win
February 4, 2018
HaGoPeun showed off his worth in the London Spitfire's 4-0 sweep of the Shanghai Dragons on Saturday.
While he often gets looked over on this high-powered roster, HaGoPeun was on point during this series. He mainly stuck to his trusty Zenyatta and made excellent use of the hero's full kit. Not only was he doing well in the healing department, he also showed up big time on the damage charts. While it's true that they were up against one of the worst teams in the league, HaGoPeun still played out of his mind to help his team get this big win.
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