Jonas Samuel Suovaara 
Los Angeles Gladiators
Shaz stuck to what worked with Zenyatta
April 7, 2018
Shaz played a solid series in a 3-1 victory over the Dallas Fuel on Friday.
Shaz was nothing if not remarkable throughout the majority of the Gladiators 3-1 victory on Friday. Predominantly playing Zenyatta, Shaz had some beautifully timed ultimates that completely negated the Fuel's momentum in team fights and turned Dallas on their heels, reeling from an aggressive frontline and a crazy accurate backline in both Solider: 76 and Widowmaker. While Shaz is known for niche picks and grabbing surprise off-meta heroes, he definitely showed that he can succeed even when playing 100 percent predictably.
Flexes through off-meta heroes
March 10, 2018
Shaz played a more versatile roster of heroes in a 3-1 win over London Spitfire on Saturday.
Shaz had a bit more fun this series as a flex player, rather than just a support player. Playing Mei, Lucio, and Zenyatta, Shaz's flexibility helped to undercut London's momentum, especially the Mei pick on Volskaya Industries. The Spitfire are known to bring out Reaper if the first few attacks on the second point fail, and Shaz was able to correctly predict their hero change before London's engagement with Reaper. In later maps, Shaz would switch between Lucio or Zenyatta depending on if his team needed mobility or healing. That kind of flexibility allowed Los Angeles to tinker with their roster on King's Row until they were able to barrel through London.
Shines in win vs San Francisco
February 9, 2018
Shaz heavily coordinated with the rest of the Los Angeles Gladiators to beat out the San Francisco Shock 3-1 on Thursday.
Shaz displayed a high level of game sense with his Zenyatta play. His Harmony and Discord Orbs consistently got applied to key targets that influenced every fight. At the same time, he built up his Transcendence in tandem with his own team's ultimates. This allowed him to have an even greater impact on fights where it crucially mattered, such as keeping Surefour alive on Genji. Shaz is a solid Zenyatta player and needs to be watched more closely.
Does what he does best
January 25, 2018
Shaz did what he could to help the Los Angeles Gladiators in their series against the Los Angeles Valiant, but he couldn't stop the 3-2 reverse sweep loss on Wednesday.
While Shaz is known for his damaging play on Zenyatta, he showed in this series that he can do more than just that. He pulled out his Moira on Horizon Lunar Colony and came up with a huge killstreak that allowed the Gladiators to steamroll the first point with ease. He even had some strong Mercy play in this series to round out his play. Shaz closed things out with his old reliable pick of Zenyatta and did what he's known for, but it simply wasn't enough to stop the Valiant from taking the final map and forcing a tiebreaker that they won to complete the reverse sweep.
Does it all for Los Angeles
January 11, 2018
Shaz pushed the Los Angeles Gladiators to a big sweep of the Shanghai Dragons on Wednesday.
Shaz may be a support, but he had no trouble doling out plenty of damage during this series with his Zenyatta. He had a whopping 35 eliminations in the opening game, which blew his counterpart Freefeel's eight out of the water. It's worth mentioning that a large part of his success was due to his team's overall play, but it's still surprising to see such a staggering number from a support player. If he can continue piling on numbers like this, the Gladiators look to be quite the scary team who can bring the pain from every angle.
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