Christopher Schaefer 
Free Agent
Released from Valiant
September 7, 2018
GrimReality has been released by the Los Angeles Valiant, the team announced Friday.
After being moved into a non-player role at the end of Stage 2, the Valiant have now decided to move on from GrimReality. The move doesn't come as too much of a surprise given that his main role was to act as a liaison between the players and management. With the team being much more cohesive during the latter half of the season and into Season 2, GrimReality's role is heavily diminished, leading to his release.
Transitions from player to Assistant Coach
April 2, 2018
GrimReality will no longer be a member of the active roster for the Los Angeles Valiant and will instead become the newest Assistant Coach, the team announced Monday.
Joining the avalanche of roster moves from the Valiant prior to Stage 3, GrimReality is hanging up the mouse for a clipboard. After not playing at all during the regular season, the move isn't the most surprising. The Valiant mentioned in the press release that among his duties will be to "liaise player issues with management," which could be a huge help to a team that has been reportedly dealing with internal conflicts throughout most of Stage 2. A player turned coach could be just what the doctor ordered for this ailing team.
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