Park Young-Seo 
South Korea
Los Angeles Valiant
Stands up to JJoNak
June 18, 2018
KariV was on fire in a 3-1 win over the New York Excelsior during the Stage 4 Finals on Sunday.
Up against frontrunner for season MVP, JJoNak, KariV had a tall task. It's tough to stand out when you're playing against a player like JJoNak and a team like the Excelsior, but KariV did just that in this series. He never shied away from the spotlight and lit things up with his Zenyatta. Not only did he keep his teammates alive, but he doled out damage in droves to allow the Valiant to somewhat easily push past the Excelsior on Sunday. While he doesn't have the full season resume that JJoNak has, KariV can hang his hat on this monumental playoff win.
Keeping his teammates alive
June 10, 2018
KariV showed why he's one of the best supports in the OWL during the Los Angeles Valiant's 4-0 win over the Houston Outlaws on Saturday.
While KariV is always on top of his game for the Valiant, he sometimes takes a backseat to the other, more flashy players on his team. Against the Outlaws, though, he made sure to put himself back in the conversation with a solid performance on his Zenyatta. Not only was he healing, but he was cutting people down and doing his best impersonation of JJoNak. They may have had some shaky moments during the series, but he and the Valiant always recovered and walked away with the 4-0 win to lock up the second seed in the season playoffs this summer.
Surprise Widowmaker catches Gladiators off guard
May 31, 2018
KariV showed off his versatility once more in a 3-0 win over the Los Angeles Gladiators on Wednesday.
KariV is more than capable as a healer, but it was his time as a DPS player in this series that put in the most work. He pulled out a surprise Widowmaker on Horizon Lunar Colony and it seems like the Gladiators had no answer at all. The added pressure gave the Valiant and much-needed edge to pick up the first map. That ended up setting the tone, as the Valiant continued to narrowly edge out the Gladiators at every turn and come away with a 3-0 win.
Shuts down the Mayhem with his deadly Zenyatta
May 24, 2018
KariV was solid throughout this 3-1 win over the Florida Mayhem on Wednesday.
KariV stuck with his trusty Zenyatta for the majority of this series and it paid off immensely for the Valiant. He consistently had a solid grasp of where every member of his team was at any given moment, which allowed him to control the pace of teamfights. Not only was he solid on the support side of things, coming up with huge Transcendences to lock down points, but he was no slouch in the kill department either. His Zenyatta continues to be as deadly as they come, which is a huge boon to the Valiant squad.
Perfectly timed ultimates lead to win
April 14, 2018
Kariv was on point with his Zenyatta in the Los Angeles Valiant's 2-1 win over the Dallas Fuel on Friday.
With Kariv playing Zenyatta for the majority of this series, he was a huge part of why they walked away with the win. It was mainly his use of Transcendence that helped his team win fight after fight. Whether it was used to keep his team alive to lock down a point or used to counter an ultimate from the opposing team (such as when he used it just as aKm activated a Tactical Visor), the uses were always huge and gave his team an edge. If that wasn't enough, he was an offensive beast, tallying as many kills as Soon on Route 66 as the team closed out the series.
Back on support duty to start Stage 3
April 4, 2018
Kariv was back in his normal role during the Los Angeles Valiant's 4-0 sweep over the Seoul Dynasty on Wednesday.
After spending a large amount of time in the DPS role during Stage 2, Kariv was back to playing his normal support heroes throughout this series. He did pull out a Hanzo and Roadhog on Junkertown, though, just to show off some extra versatility. His hooks were especially on point with Roadhog, which was just another tool in the Valiant's toolbox that allowed them to easily lock up this surprising sweep.
Questionable flexibility
March 19, 2018
Kariv failed at swaying the Florida Mayhem's momentum in the Los Angeles Valiant's 3-1 loss on Day 2 in Week 4 of Stage 2 of the OWL.
Kariv's hero flexibility of late has turned a lot of eyes towards him. However, under that pressure, he doesn't seem to be making as much of an impact people would hope. While Kariv does consistently get kills, the picks tend to have little impact on the outcome of a fight. Rarely does Kariv pop off on Widowmaker, and he might want to try to learn more supports rather than make it work.
The element of surprise
March 14, 2018
KariV's switch from support to DPS continued to befuddle his opponents as the Valiant swept the Outlaws 4-0.
KariV spent a lot of time trying to mirror or counter Linkzr during the series. His positioning was incredible, always managing to put one of his tanks between himself and his targets. Appearing to be the new starter at DPS, who knows what this means for Silkthread and Agilities
Continues newfound DPS role
March 1, 2018
Kariv once again assumed the role of DPS in the Los Angeles Valiant's 3-1 win over the San Francisco Shock on Wednesday.
While he spent the entirety of Stage 1 in the support role, Kariv has played DPS heroes exclusively here in Stage 2. The new meta has allowed teams to diversify a bit, with the Valiant perhaps doing the most with Kariv out of his normal support role. He played everything from Soldier: 76 to Widowmaker to McCree throughout all four games of this series. He even stayed in on Lijiang Tower to play Pharah while normal Pharah player, Agilities, continued to ride the pine. How long LA continues to ride this lineup will be one of the more interesting developments of Stage 2.
Shows off a new side against Dragons
February 25, 2018
Kariv took the stage as a DPS player for the Los Angeles Valiant in their 3-0 sweep of the Shanghai Dragons on Saturday.
After a trouncing at the hands of Seoul on Wednesday, the Valiant decided to diversify their game in this series. That translated into a unique three support lineup for the team. Kariv was out there playing heroes like Widowmaker and Genji, which allowed Soon to stay on Tracer for the entirety of the series. This paid off in spades for this team as they ran roughshod over the Dragons for the better part of two hours. While the Dragons did manage to bring the opening game to a draw, the Valiant were on top of things in the rest of the series to pick up the win and keep Shanghai winless.
Small struggles on Mercy
February 11, 2018
KariV did his job in a 4-0 victory over the Shanghai Dragons Friday in Week 5 Stage 1 of the OWL.
KariV had some excellent healing output on Friday, but he was too often getting caught out by Diya, a less than impressive Tracer player for the Dragons. KariV had some questionable positioning that set up easy kills for the Dragons, and ultimately left the rest of his team on the defensive waiting for his return. KariV did manage to have excellent ultimate control throughout the series, and also saved his Valkyrie for important moments only, rather than popping it at inopportune moments.
Stellar Mercy play against the Gladiators
December 10, 2017
KariV kept his team alive on Friday against Los Angeles Gladiators in a 3-1 victory for the Los Angeles Valiant in the OWL Preseason.
KariV's Mercy denied Gladiators any momentum throughout the series, whether it was Resurrecting key team members on Anubis or keeping Fate's Winston alive after he dove in, KariV never let Valiant down. Even with Asher's Tracer and Surefour's Widow constantly raining shots down on him, KariV didn't fall while keeping his entire team topped off with heals. KariV's survivability was impressive, but an upcoming match to see will be Valiant versus Seoul Dynasty, and how KariV stands up against the likes of Bunny and FLETA.
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