Kim Hae-Seong 
South Korea
New York Excelsior
Stays away from his infamous hero pick
July 21, 2018
Libero struggled to step up in a 3-2 loss to the Philadelphia Fusion on Saturday in the Overwatch League Semifinals.
The playoff meta looked like Libero's time to shine as Hanzo, the hero that launched Libero to fame, was significantly buffed. But surprisingly, Libero played little of Hanzo, letting Pine take up the hero instead. The only time that Libero played Hanzo was on Junkertown on New York's attack for a brief moment. This is despite Hanzo becoming a key DPS pick for most teams during the playoffs. Libero's unwillingness to play Hanzo became increasingly detrimental across the series as his other picks, Genji and Pharah, struggled to slay out. For example, Libero consistently lost Pharah battles against Eqo on Lijiang Tower, but never switched to Hanzo to take down the Fusion.
Uses Pharah to win Nepal
June 16, 2018
Libero pulled out all the stops in a 3-2 win over the Houston Outlaws on Friday in the Overwatch League Stage 4.
Libero was surprisingly quiet in the first half of the series as the New York pulled strange pushes and compositions. But in the second half of the series, Libero turned up in order to secure the team a vital win. Playing on Nepal, a map New York has lost in every single series in Stage 4, Libero used his Pharah to zone out his opponents. On Nepal: Village, this involved him pulling off bold Rocket Barrage ultimates in the middle of the point, scoring four kills in the process. But on Nepal: Shrine, Libero simply had to hover above the point and throw out rockets to chip away at the Outlaws.
Takes up odd heroes
June 15, 2018
Libero took up odd roles in a 3-1 loss to the Boston Uprising on Thursday of the Overwatch League.
Counter to his entire role as a projectile player, Libero played Tracer and Sombra in the two maps his played instead of his traditional Hanzo and Pharah. Libero played the second half of the series, Lijiang Tower and Watchpoint: Gibraltar which are both Libero's best maps. However, his strange strategies meant New York didn't have the DPS to bully their opponents. In Lijiang Tower, Libero's Sombra wasn't much use due to the lack of useable health packs near the objective. Libero's Tracer on Watchpoint: Gibraltar also failed to pick apart the Boston Uprising.
Plays a flawless Pharah
June 9, 2018
Libero's projectile DPS continued to devastate in a 2-1 win over the San Francisco Shock on Saturday of the Overwatch League Stage 4.
Libero's projectile DPS has slowly grown to be the lynchpin in New York's defense. This series saw Libero in full force, playing all four maps in order to counter the Shock's focus on triple-tank and triple-support. This allowed him to steamroll on maps like Dorado and King's Row, both maps where Libero had to flex slightly. On King's Row, Libero had to pull out his Hanzo on New York's first attack in order to score vital picks onto tanks. Both Dorado and Hanamura saw Libero's Pharah come out, and on both maps, he was able to slay out and lay down significant damage onto his opponents before they could even initiate fights.
Harasses and manipulates the Philadelphia Fusion
May 30, 2018
Libero whittled the Philadelphia Fusion down with projectiles to win 4-0 on Wednesday of the Overwatch League Stage 4.
As the projectile player for New York, his presence has become crucial for New York in the dominant shield meta of Stage 4. In this series, however, his game sense was the star of the show. He was able to manipulate the Philadelphia Fusion by baiting out ultimates and even out of cover. This was best seen on New York's attack of Blizzard World where Libero played Genji. In his attack of Point B, he used his Dragonblade but didn't engage on his opponent. Instead he hid and let a paranoid Fusion pop several ultimates in a preemptive attempt to counter his Genji. Similarly, his Hanzo on Dorado was key in forcing Philadelphia out in the open.
Succeds in the new meta
May 18, 2018
Libero flew through a 3-0 win against the Florida Mayhem on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
Libero's projectile heroes of Pharah and Hanzo have only grown stronger in the new meta. While Hanzo is still in a pre-Storm Bow build for Stage 4, Libero made him the lackluster hero a monster on King's Row. Not only was Libero surprisingly accurate with his Scatter Shots, but his Dragonstrike ultimate broke apart Florida Mayhem's stronger defense in New York's attack of Point C. Libero's picks were extraordinarily helpful as the Excelsior played a much slower game than usual. King's Row was barely won, due to a lack of slaying, but Libero's late-game Dragonstrike opened the map for his team to push the payload.
Zones and spams damage
May 6, 2018
Libero easily countered the Los Angeles Valiant in a 3-0 win on Sunday in the Stage 3 playoffs.
Libero played for his team instead of trying to score kills. While this might seem counter-productive on paper, Libero was key in zoning and pinning down the Los Angeles Valiant. In particular, Libero's Pharah was extraordinarily key. This was thanks to his ability to rain down rockets on chokes while winning battles against the enemy Pharah. While he wasn't landing many kills, his Pharah constantly slowed down the Valiant, making their pushes incredibly long and staggered. His Junkrat on both Junkertown and Temple of Anubis were also key. Thanks to Junkrat's ability to spam on Temple of Anubis, most of the Valiant's supports were separated from the tanks, forcing them to engage without any healers.
Doesn't adapt fast enough
May 5, 2018
Libero made a few unfortunate choices in a 3-1 win over the Shanghai Dragons on Friday.
Libero did his job of playing projectile DPS heroes this series, but it was also ironically the problem on one map. Playing Pharah on New York's attack of Numbani, Libero was able to steamroll the Shanghai Dragons early on, so much so he was able to play the airborne hero going into fights for Point B and Point C. However, his insistence on playing Pharah on Point C, a cramped portion of the map, made his Pharah an easy target to shoot down. This wasn't helped by his scattered use of ultimates during the fight, preventing New York from getting a full capture that map. However, Libero was able to slow down his gameplay on Nepal by playing Junkrat, allowing for smoother coordination with his team.
Turns around rough start
April 20, 2018
Libero overcame his faults in a 3-2 reverse sweep over the Philadelphia Fusion on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
The first half of the series saw something very strange from Libero: him struggling to get kills. The star DPS of New York had a truly miserable first two maps against the Philadelphia Fusion, who were more than prepared to take him down. The Fusion organized tight ambushes onto Libero as he tried to dive the backline with his Genji, causing him to often find only one kill with his Dragonblade. This caused Libero to play an extraordinarily passive Genji. It was only when he switched to Junkrat while going into Junkertown that he lit up. With some more freedom, thanks to Junkrat's range, Libero was able to tip-toe around the Fusion's tanks to take their backline. His Rip-Tire ultimates became hugely important in the time bank rounds, as he was able to score key picks for his team.
Dived and spammed his way to victory
April 8, 2018
Libero found the right targets to pressure in a 4-0 win over the London Spitfire on Saturday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
Libero tired a few different tactics, but it was his Genji that found the most success. This was because of Libero's excellent map awareness that allowed him to lock down London's various DPS players. This was best seen in New York's first attack of Temple of Anubis where Libero used Genji to immediately dive on London's Widowmaker and Junkrat to force them off of high-ground. Then, when the situation got hairy, such as in Junkertown and Nepal, Libero was able to flex onto Junkrat. This hero change was vital as Junkrat's grenade and mine spam allowed New York to easily hold chokes and burst down London's tanks.
Flexible and powerful damage
April 5, 2018
Libero kept Florida Mayhem on their toes in a 4-0 win on Thursday of the Overwatch League.
Once again, Libero's deep DPS hero pool proves vital to New York's victory. While not playing McCree or even the recently buffed Sombra, Libero's Genji and Widowmaker were more than enough to get the job done. Libero's one and only problem in this series was his reluctance to change heroes. During New York's attack of the first point on Route 66, Libero stuck to Widowmaker for just over three minutes despite constantly losing sniper battles to Florida's Sayaplayer. It was only after Libero switched to Genji that New York was able to build any sort of momentum.
Shows off deep hero pool in reverse sweep win
March 26, 2018
Libero's flexibility as a DPS brought a needed quality to the lineup when adapting to the Philadelphia Fusion for a 3-2 victory.
While Saebyeolbe's Widowmaker secured a Hollywood victory, it was otherwise Libero's Widowmaker that formed a proper two-pronged assault. While Saebyeolbe's Tracer dominated the frontlines, Libero played Widowmaker from afar. Apart from Widow, Libero also flexed expertly onto everything from Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Pharah, and Soldier 76 to adapt to any situation needed throughout the series.
Tactical swaps
March 14, 2018
Libero showed off his hero pool in the New York Excelsior's 4-0 victory over the San Francisco Shock.
Libero swapped around heroes in what the announcers called "small tactical swaps," throwing just enough of a wrench in the Shock's strategy to allow his team to secure the objective. Swapping from Soldier:76 to Genji to DoomFist even, Libero really showed the depths of his flexibility.
Pulls out pocket Hanzo in lopsided win
March 10, 2018
Libero was feeling very comfortable during the New York Excelsior's 3-1 victory against the Philadelphia Fusion on Friday.
While the Fusion surely put up a hell of a fight in this series, Libero never seemed fazed by his opposition one bit. Not only was he a major distraction for the Fusion with his Pharah, but he even felt comfortable enough to bust out a Hazno on King's Row. The pick proved every bit as lethal as any other champion in his hands, as he cut through the Fusion with precise headshots left and right. The Fusion may have come out on top last time these teams met back in Stage 1, but Libero made sure that the result was vastly different this time around.
A perfect distraction
February 12, 2018
Libero drew the attention of the London Spitfire for the New York Excelsior's 3-2 victory on Saturday.
Libero forced the Spitfire to pay attention to him, so much so that they forgot about the rest of the team. However, it's not like they could ignore him either. If left to his own devices, Libero would gut the backline taking out Nus or Bdosin. Libero is a force in his own that gives the Excelsior tons of options in every fight.
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