Tae-hong Kim 
South Korea
New York Excelsior
Sublime tank play in close series
February 12, 2018
Mek0 was constantly in the London Spitfire's face in the NYXL's 3-2 victory on Saturday.
Mek0 was so close to the Spitfire that he lost his life. While this would be deadly for most teams, with the Excelsior, this type of play thrives. It forced Spitfire to deal with him first and allowed the Excelsior's DPS to push up. Meanwhile, having such an aggressive tank allows Excelsior to play at their own pace. They were able to jump onto an attacking Spitfire instead of waiting on the point. Mek0 understands his role within Excelsior and performs it admirably.
Tears through LAV while on defense
January 18, 2018
Mek0 shredded through Los Angeles Valiant's dive-like composition on Thursday, Week 2 of Stage 1 of the Overwatch League in 3-0 win.
Mek0 was the right man for the job against Los Angeles Valiant's lineup. Playing mainly Roadhog, Mek0 was able to fully counter LAV's star Winston and D.Va players thanks to Roadhog's kit. The massive blast radius of his scrapgun tore through Winston shields and melted D.Va's MEKA. It also helped he paired excellently with Mano, who played complimentary heroes like Orisa to better zone LAV. On Oasis, for example, Mek0 was able to set up by stairs on near the control point. From there, it was easy to pick out important targets, like Genji, while making sure to shut down damage mitigation from LA's tanks.
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