Song Jun-Hwa 
South Korea
New York Excelsior
Plays into the enemies' hands
April 20, 2018
Janus fell straight into the Philadelphia Fusion's hands in a 3-2 loss on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
Janus has always been one of New York's more aggressive tanks which has put him out of sync with the team's passive gameplay. The Philadelphia Fusion was able to exploit Janus' fault in the first two maps of the series. On Temple of Anubis, Janus often tried to secure the kills of his DPS teammates. This meant diving on Philadelphia's backline with a Winston. However, Philadelphia played a very aggressive game that saw their tanks diving onto the likes of Janus, forcing him to awkward positions where he'd either have to retreat or commit to a fight. Usually choosing the later, Janus tried to kill off his enemies backline, only to fall straight into 4-vs-1 fights where he was easily picked off. This meant the New York was often left with a core Winston tank on maps like Temple of Anubis and Numbani, maps where Winston can make or break a game.
Struggles on Volskaya Industry
April 16, 2018
Janus played a passive game against aggressive opponents in a 3-2 win over the Houston Outlaws on Saturday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
Janus continued to be the starting tank for New York Excelsior despite his struggles on maps like Volskaya Industry. New York have yet to fully figure out Volskaya Industry, and it shows in Janus. Sticking to Winston, Janus often struggled to fully pressure Houston's backline to protect his teammates, such as in New York's final offensive fight for Point A in the Time Bank round. This is partly because New York plays the point, focusing on the healthy pack room, which often narrows their offense and defense. However, on Blizzard World Janus was able to excel thanks to Pine's assistance and the map. The wide, open map allowed Janus to easily dive while also always giving him an easy escape.
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