Kim Dong-Gyu 
South Korea
New York Excelsior
Misses obvious counters
June 19, 2018
Mano stuck to comfort picks instead of counter picks in a 3-1 loss to the Los Angeles Valiant at the Stage 4 Finals of the Overwatch League.
Halfway through the series, New York admitted they had not game plan against the Los Angeles Valiant despite Valiant running very standard compositions. Mano, especially, failed to run counters to commonplace heroes like Orisa. On Blizzard World, for example, Mano ran Orisa both on attack and defense. His defensive Orisa was easily stomped by Los Angeles running a Roadhog to easily break Mano's shields. But during New York's offense, Mano could do little against Valiant's Orisa, failing to run Roadhog in a single push in the entirety of New York's attack round.
Fails to coordinate flanks
June 3, 2018
Mano struggled to zone for his team against the Los Angeles Valiant in a 3-2 loss on Saturday of the Overwatch League Stage 4.
The Los Angeles Valiant brought their A-Game this series and Mano struggled to keep up. His role as main tank was not only put into jeopardy by his teammates' questionable plays, but he also lacked coordination. This was best seen in Watchpoint: Gibraltar where Pine attempted to flank behind the Valiant as Widowmaker. Mano struggled to find clean opening despite Pine's distracting, leading him to missing opportunities to pinch his enemies off of the objective. Mano's tank tactics also lacked the needed power to clean-up kills, such as in Horizon Lunar Colony.
Slams Boston Uprising into the corner
May 8, 2018
Mano bullied the Boston Uprising's support in a 3-0 win at the Stage 3 Finals.
Mano's unique Winston gave New York the edge they needed. Playing on Route 66, Nepal and Volskaya Industry, Mano used his Winston to bully other players around instead of chasing kills. This was especially effective on Nepal where Mano bounced players around with his Primal Rage, even cornering Boston players in the stables on Nepal: Village. This was important since it gave New York's DPS players the room they needed to flank the enemy supports players. On Volskaya Industry, Mano was even able to bounce some players off the map on New York's first defense of the map.
Shuts down Shanghai's frontline
May 5, 2018
Mano brawled with Shanghai's tanks in a 3-1 win on Friday.
Mano, alongside Meko, had to battle against the surprisingly strong tanks of the Shanghai Dragons. Mano had to play against Geguri's bulky D.Va while also taking out Shanghai's DPS players with his Winston. Mano only faltered on Numbani as he played disjointed from the rest of his team. Mano wouldn't sync ultimates with his teammates, meaning New York struggled to pin down Shanghai, However, on Route 66 and Nepal, Mano slowed down his game alongside Meko. This allowed him to easily zone Shanghai's DPS players with shields while pressuring the enemy tanks.
Throws down with enemy tank players
April 22, 2018
Mano bullied and punished the Los Angeles Gladiators in a 3-2 reverse-sweep on Saturday of the Overwatch League.
After Janus led the charge on the first two maps, Mano was subbed in to take control of a spiraling game. Mano brought a slower style to New York with his defensive Winston, a style the team was clearly more accustomed to. Instead of focusing on diving support players, Mano tried to hold objectives and protect carries like JJoNak and Pine. This vital on Ilios where the Los Angeles Gladiators tired to focus on plays from their tanks. As the series rolled into Oasis, Mano grew more confident with his plays, challenging and zoning Los Angeles' guiding tanks head-on.
Gets caught out a little too often
April 13, 2018
Mano's signature Winston failed to pin down the Boston Uprising in a 3-2 loss on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
The key of this series was Mano's Winston verses Gamsu's Winston. Both players were responsible for finding targets and making picks while also being able to rotate back and protecting teammates. Mano was able to perform the former, but not the later as his team's DPS struggled to get kills. This wasn't helped by New York's early aggression. On New York's defense of Volskaya Industry, Mano would often overextend and get picked off. This is easily seen in New York's early defense of the first point where Mano dived onto Boston only to get flashbanged by their McCree and easily taken out, all while getting no kills at all. On maps like Oasis, Mano struggled to protect his teammates from Boston even while playing the anti-dive hero, Orisa. This was largely because of how flexible Boston played against New York's slow and rigid game.
Reliable in big win
February 9, 2018
Mano's tank play against the Florida Mayhem secured a well earned 3-0 victory on Thursday.
While JJoNaK and Pine get credit for dropping bodies all over the map, Mano's consistent tank play continues to impress as he makes the lives of his team easier. His Winston shields were on point and well timed, and his ability to change between offense and defense at a whim truly makes him the all-rounder tank he is.
King of the point
February 5, 2018
Mano made the hold for the New York Excelsior time and time again as they rolled over the Dallas Fuel 3-1.
Mano was able to out maneuver the Dallas Fuel as Winston. He made timers run long and kept his team contesting the point on defense and offense. He was a team player through and through, dishing out the damage as Roadhog on Oasis and playing the Orisa to compliment his teammates' Roadhog play as well.
Strong tank play in close win
January 26, 2018
Mano showed off his A-game during the New York Excelsior's 3-2 win against the Seoul Dynasty on Friday.
Mano was on point with his tank play during this series. He outperformed his counterparts at just about every moment as the Dynasty seemed unable to contain him in any way. His Winston was a nuisance and his Roadhog locked down key opponents with reckless abandon to help the Excelsior walk away with this big win.
Gives his team the tool to win
January 18, 2018
Mano played a versatile set of heroes that anchored his team together in a 3-0 win over Los Angeles Valiant on Thursday, Week 2 of Overwatch League Stage 1.
Mano would wind up being the essential core to New York Excelsior this series. Playing a suite of tank heroes, he would pair up with Mek0 to both mitigate damage and smash apart Los Angeles Valiant's roster. The domination started early on in Junkertown with Mano on D.Va on defense for the second point. Mano would clutch an important fight against Los Angeles Valiant's Bastion, destroying as a de-meched D.Va, before re-meching and diving on the backline to eliminate both of their supports. The three kills essentially clutched the map for his team. Later maps would see Mano lead a quadruple tank composition to rush Horizon Lunar Colony while on Offense, and him playing Orisa on Oasis. The Orisa pick would become crucial as her orbs allowed him to prevent LAV from diving too close to his frontline.
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