Bang Seong-Hyun 
South Korea
New York Excelsior
Flexes into Ana to win Hanamura
July 21, 2018
JJoNak showed off his stellar Ana in a 3-2 loss to the Philadelphia Fusion in the semifinals of the Overwatch League playoffs on Saturday.
JJoNak entered the playoffs with questions surrounding his Zenyatta as the meta shifted away from the ubiquitous support hero. However, JJoNak was able to fill his duel damage and healing role with Ana on Hanamura. The map's long sightlines allowed JJoNak to easily control the flow of battle from afar with the hero's kit. He would also attempt to expand into playing Roadhog on Junkertown, only to struggle with outplaying the Fusion's Roadhog. When JJoNak took up Zenyatta on maps like Dorado and Lijiang Tower, he was able to serviceably throw out damage though his output was a far cry from his Stage 2 and Stage 3 heights.
Questionable decisions
July 19, 2018
JJoNak had some great moments during the 3-0 loss to the Philadelphia Fusion in the semifinals playoffs but also had some very questionable plays and hero choices as well.
JJoNak is an incredible player that has helped and saved the Excelsior several times in the past year, and kept the team in the game for as long as he could in the face of defeat, but he also swapped over to Roadhog and Ana for brief spells on Eichenwalde. Needless to say both were not effective choices or decisions, and even when he was on Zenyatta, he sometimes wandered off on his own just to get picked off for free.
To start for Atlantic Division in All-Star Game
June 26, 2018
JJoNak will be one of the starting supports for the Atlantic Division at the first All-Star Game this summer, Blizzard has revealed.
After leading his team to the best record during the regular season, JJoNak will hope to lead his division to a win at the All-Star Game this August. He will have the benefit of playing with three of his Excelsior teammates on the starting roster. This unit will certainly be a formidable one and the odds-on favorite during this game.
Fails to break shields
June 19, 2018
JJoNak can't get past shields in a 3-1 loss to the Los Angeles Valiant at the Stage 4 Finals of the Overwatch League.
For once, JJoNak did more healing than damage, a damning indicator of the New York's lack of presence this series. On New York's defense of the first map, Dorado, JJoNak attempted to take up the role of Tracer of instead of his traditional Zenyatta. However, that quickly fell apart as JJoNak failed to land a single kill. He'd quickly switch back to Zenyatta, but he still lacked the damage needed to push past the Valiant. This lack of damage output was largely because of Los Angeles running shield tanks and New York's inability to break shields, effectively negating all of JJoNak's presence across the series.
Decides to turn up
June 16, 2018
JJoNak stopped fooling around and decimated the Houston Outlaws in a 3-2 win on Friday in the Overwatch League Stage 4.
JJoNak was likely taking it easy in the first half of the series as the second half saw him blaze a fiery trail of destruction. While he stuck to his signature Zenyatta in the first half, he pulled out some interesting hero picks in the second half and threw the Outlaws for a loop. On Lijiang Tower, he pulled out his pocket Roadhog pick to help secure the map win, rounding out New York's triple tank composition. However, on Dorado, JJoNak pulled out Tracer. While his stint on the hero was short, it blew open the Outlaws defense of Point A and getting New York the series win.
Plays around high-ground
June 9, 2018
JJoNak prioritized his positioning in a 2-1 win over the San Francisco Shock on Saturday of the Overwatch League Stage 4.
JJoNak was a key player in the first half of the series thanks to his signature Zenyatta. Unlike previous series, JJoNak wasn't in the thick of teamfights. He instead prioritized high-grounds in order to keep his distance from his opponents and to score easier headshots. The defensive Zenyatta, for JJoNak, found plenty of value on Dorado and King's Row. On King's Row, JJoNak sat in the hallways above Point A, allowing him to slay out San Francisco and score a full hold on New York's second defense. Later in Dorado, he focused his playstyle in the hallways behind the marketplace, giving him excellent coverage and sightlines to, again, pull off a full hold of Point A in New York's defense.
Stacks Brigitte armor with Mercy pocket
May 26, 2018
JJoNak worked with Saebyeolbe to crush the Seoul Dynasty 4-0 on Friday of the Overwatch League Stage 4.
After just two weeks, JJoNak has broken the Stage 4 meta to his will. Not only is he being Mercy boosted into a slaying machine, but the bonus armor given by Brigitte has made him a nearly impossible target to kill. JJoNak and Saebyeolbe worked together to lockdown and destroy the Seoul Dynasty, playing Zenyatta and Brigitte respectively. Despite the increased health pool, JJoNak still plays surprisingly cautious, hiding behind his tanks as he spams out orbs.
Adapts to teamfights
May 18, 2018
JJoNak flexed his brain-melting Zenyatta in a 3-0 win over the Florida Mayhem on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 4.
Despite the new shield meta, JJoNak didn't have to switch off his signature Zenyatta to dominate the game. However, he still struggled with the rest of his team in certain moments. New York and JJoNak couldn't run the game how they typically play, which is playing for picks. The sheer amount of shields Florid ran made it nearly impossible for JJoNak to snap picks. This put New York in the precarious position of forcing teamfights rather than their long-range gameplay. JJoNak, was able to adapt to this shift in the meat, allowing him to lay down his outstanding damage.
Dominates as Roadhog
May 6, 2018
JJoNak switched to Roadhog to hold his team together in a 3-0 sweep of the Los Angeles Valiant on Sunday in the Stage 3 Playoffs.
New York played an unconventional game in the face of Los Angeles Valiant. In particular, JJoNak did the unthinkable: play a character that wasn't Zenyatta. In this case, JJoNak flexed onto Roadhog on the Excelsior's attack of Junkertown. He was helped by Meko and Mano, also playing tanks, allowing him to stack a triple tank composition. Surprisingly, JJoNak was able to outlast the main tanks in the game. This was thanks to Roadhog's self-healing, which JJoNak used in key moments to stall the payload. This was further helped by his aggression, making him incredibly bulky on an already bulky character.
Shows off his Mei
April 27, 2018
JJoNak flexed slightly to help prevent a disaster in a 3-1 win over the San Francisco Shock on Thursday of the Overwatch League.
JJoNak may have stuck to his signature Zenyatta, but it was his Mei that really stole the show. During New York's defense of Temple of Anubis on the second point, San Francisco nearly took the point thanks to their flexible DPS. So much so, that JJoNak was struggling to slay out. However, that all changed when JJoNak changed to Mei. His Mei was able to stall the point with the hero's Ice Wall and Ice Block, but it was able to follow his stall with an insane triple kill that stopped San Francisco from full capturing the point. In subsequent maps, JJoNak then was able to switch back to his Zenyatta where he was able to slay out his enemies' support players.
Changes strategies slightly
April 16, 2018
JJoNak played a longer-range game in a 3-2 win over the Houston Outlaws on Saturday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
More and more teams are looking to JJoNak as their primary target of attack and their best way to dismantle New York. Because of this pressure, JJoNak had to change his strategies slightly in this series. Pairing off with ArK, JJoNak played a more backline game rather than his typical aggressive Zenyatta. This allowed New York play a slower and more polished series than the Houston Outlaws as JJoNak's Zenyatta could lay pressure from across the map, while also healing his teammates.
Gets pressured down
April 13, 2018
JJoNak crumbled against the Boston Uprising in a 3-2 loss on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
Like most of the world, Boston Uprising knew JJoNak is a key part of New York's roster, but unlike other teams Boston was able to lay heavy pressure onto him. This pressure didn't help with JJoNak's atypically slow game, already putting New York onto the backfoot. JJoNak was constantly poked by Boston's tanks and DPS, forcing him to play further and further back from his team as New York tried to counter-dive their opponents. This would give JJoNak some space, but not enough to improve his slow slaying as his DPS teammates also struggled to damage Boston. A key example of this was in Ilios, when New York brought in Pine. There, Pine was able to scout out and damage the Uprising before they reached the point, which allowed JJoNak to decimate them with his signature Zenyatta.
Top-tier Zenyatta play leads to Stage 2 Finals win
March 26, 2018
JJoNaK was a rock for keeping things under control in the 3-2 comeback victory against the Philadelphia Fusion.
You can always count on JJoNaK to play well as Zenyatta, especially in a pinch. Acting like the control tower of the team, he deftly protected his teammates while initiating fights with charged Zenyatta shots taking key enemies out at the start of fights.
Plays more defensively against dive
March 25, 2018
JJoNak adapted to Los Angeles Valiant's tactics in 4-0 win on Saturday of the Overwatch League, securing the New York Excelsior's No. 1 seeding for Stage 2 Playoffs.
JJoNak, even when being pressured at all sides, still manages to guide his team to victory. The Los Angeles Valiant attempted to kill JJoNak at any cost, burning multiple ultimates just to secure a kill on him. This did throw JJoNak for a loop at first on Volskaya Industry, but he quickly adapted. Sticking closer to his tanks in New York's second defense, JJoNak's Zenyatta had much more freedom to play. The Valiant couldn't dive on him without exposing their backline or without getting into uneven teamfights, allowing JJoNak to simply play Zenyatta at his leisure.
Rips the Shock as Zenyatta
March 14, 2018
JJoNak delivered another stellar performance in the New York Excelsior's 4-0 victory over the San Francisco Shock.
Even if Blizzard were to nerf Zenyatta tomorrow, there is no guarantee that JJoNak would even care. Much like his support counterpart Ark is a capable Mercy in a largely post-Mercy meta, JJoNak is the best Zenyatta in the OWL. He barely needed to offer up heals against the Shock with how fast he could bring down his opponents.
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