Bang Seong-Hyun 
South Korea
New York Excelsior
Changes strategies slightly
April 16, 2018
JJoNak played a longer-range game in a 3-2 win over the Houston Outlaws on Saturday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
More and more teams are looking to JJoNak as their primary target of attack and their best way to dismantle New York. Because of this pressure, JJoNak had to change his strategies slightly in this series. Pairing off with ArK, JJoNak played a more backline game rather than his typical aggressive Zenyatta. This allowed New York play a slower and more polished series than the Houston Outlaws as JJoNak's Zenyatta could lay pressure from across the map, while also healing his teammates.
Gets pressured down
April 13, 2018
JJoNak crumbled against the Boston Uprising in a 3-2 loss on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
Like most of the world, Boston Uprising knew JJoNak is a key part of New York's roster, but unlike other teams Boston was able to lay heavy pressure onto him. This pressure didn't help with JJoNak's atypically slow game, already putting New York onto the backfoot. JJoNak was constantly poked by Boston's tanks and DPS, forcing him to play further and further back from his team as New York tried to counter-dive their opponents. This would give JJoNak some space, but not enough to improve his slow slaying as his DPS teammates also struggled to damage Boston. A key example of this was in Ilios, when New York brought in Pine. There, Pine was able to scout out and damage the Uprising before they reached the point, which allowed JJoNak to decimate them with his signature Zenyatta.
Top-tier Zenyatta play leads to Stage 2 Finals win
March 26, 2018
JJoNaK was a rock for keeping things under control in the 3-2 comeback victory against the Philadelphia Fusion.
You can always count on JJoNaK to play well as Zenyatta, especially in a pinch. Acting like the control tower of the team, he deftly protected his teammates while initiating fights with charged Zenyatta shots taking key enemies out at the start of fights.
Plays more defensively against dive
March 25, 2018
JJoNak adapted to Los Angeles Valiant's tactics in 4-0 win on Saturday of the Overwatch League, securing the New York Excelsior's No. 1 seeding for Stage 2 Playoffs.
JJoNak, even when being pressured at all sides, still manages to guide his team to victory. The Los Angeles Valiant attempted to kill JJoNak at any cost, burning multiple ultimates just to secure a kill on him. This did throw JJoNak for a loop at first on Volskaya Industry, but he quickly adapted. Sticking closer to his tanks in New York's second defense, JJoNak's Zenyatta had much more freedom to play. The Valiant couldn't dive on him without exposing their backline or without getting into uneven teamfights, allowing JJoNak to simply play Zenyatta at his leisure.
Rips the Shock as Zenyatta
March 14, 2018
JJoNak delivered another stellar performance in the New York Excelsior's 4-0 victory over the San Francisco Shock.
Even if Blizzard were to nerf Zenyatta tomorrow, there is no guarantee that JJoNak would even care. Much like his support counterpart Ark is a capable Mercy in a largely post-Mercy meta, JJoNak is the best Zenyatta in the OWL. He barely needed to offer up heals against the Shock with how fast he could bring down his opponents.
Another solid performance under his belt
March 10, 2018
JJoNak was a big part of the New York Excelsior's 3-1 victory over the Philadelphia Fusion on Friday.
With the Fusion coming into the series on a bit of a tear, the Excelsior certainly had their work cut out in this series. Unsurprisingly, JJoNak was one of the biggest boons for New York from start to finish. The Fusion certainly gave it their all, but with JJoNak being such a strong presence on Zenyatta, the Fusion didn't have the longevity to overcome the Stage 1 runner-ups in this series. Anytime that it looked as though the Fusion were going to start gaining ground, JJoNak and crew were right there to shut things down.
Half Slayer, Half Healer
March 2, 2018
JJoNak easily survived Boston Uprising's aggression a 4-0 win on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 2.
JJoNak continues not only to be New York's key support player, but also a key DPS player. JJoNak's favorites of Zenyatta and Ana both made appearances as the map pool of Hanamura and King's Row allowed him to experiment. In New York's defense of Hanamura, JJoNak's Zenyatat was utterly essential to their map win. Not only was he able to survive Boston's dives, thanks to ArK, but he was able to heal his teammates up and slay at the same time, such as when he clutched a fight against a Sombra after being hacked.
Carries NYXL with stellar support play
February 9, 2018
JJoNaK once again was the clear MVP in NYXL's 3-0 victory over the Florida Mayhem on Thursday.
There isn't much to elaborate on what praises have already been sung about this incredible support player, but he deals out more damage than the DPS from time to time on Zenyatta. Coupled with his incredible map awareness, his decision making on when to use and hold Transcendence is a work of art. JJoNaK will definitely be one of the biggest playmakers in the playoffs of Stage 1.
Brings the damage from support role
January 26, 2018
JJoNak played above and beyond his actual role on the team during the New York Excelsior's 3-2 win against the Seoul Dynasty on Friday.
Don't let JJoNak's support role fool you, as he was basically the third DPS player for this team all series long. Whether he was playing with Zenyatta or Moira, he was tearing the Dynasty apart at every moment. As Moira, he was charging his ultimate extremely fast, tallying 33 and 43 second charges during Game 2. As the series went on, his Zenyatta continued to be an deadly force, oftentimes keeping pace with Fleta and Saebyeolbe in terms of final blows. With such a force at the support position, along with their win over the Dynasty, the Excelsior seemed poised to dominant the OWL in the last half of Stage 1.
Part-time DPS
January 26, 2018
JJoNak racked up plenty of kills from the support position in the New York Excelsior's 3-2 overtime loss to the Philadelphia Fusion.
JJoNak spent most of the series on Zenyatta, often making up the difference in DPS power between the two squads. In several instances in Game 2, JJoNak was the player snagging the pick-offs to defend the point.
Dominates the backline
January 18, 2018
JJoNak became a crucial piece of New York Excelsior's victory on Thursday, Week 2 of the Stage 1 Overwatch League.
JJoNak barrels through Los Angeles Valiant with ease. The pin-point accuracy of his orbs clutched more than one fight in key moments. More than that, JJoNak was able to keep his team up with ease thanks to the assistance of ArK's Mercy and by juggling his buffs and debuffs. JJoNak would start strong on Junkertown with a suite of kills. In a final fight against Los Angeles Valiant while in defense, JJoNak was able to secure three kills and the fight. And, thanks to his game sense, he was able to pick off LAV's supports from time to time. This became key in NYXL's defense on Horizon Lunar Colony.
Frags hard on Zenyatta in win
January 15, 2018
JJoNak impressed on Saturday as he fragged hard to help the New York Excelsior take a 3-1 win over the Houston Outlaws.
JJoNak's skill on Zenyatta was, if nothing else, awe-inspiring against the Fusion, out-fragging Saebyeolbe and Libero on a couple of maps. In Game 2, JJoNak's Zen dominated Temple of Anubis, dealing the most damage out of his entire team while keeping ArK alive with clutch uses of Transcendence. As the league goes on, expect to see more clutch performances coming out of JJoNak, as someone will need to pick up the slack coming from NYXL's lack of a consistent tank-shredding threat.
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