Hong Yeon-Jun 
South Korea
New York Excelsior
Voted to starting roster of the Atlantic Division
June 26, 2018
ArK will continue his impressive season with a starting nod on the Atlantic Division's All-Star roster later this summer.
ArK was one of four Excelsior players voted to the starting roster of the Atlantic Division's All-Star team. He and JJoNak will reunite as the starting support duo, while Pine and Saebyeolble will be on DPS duties along with Carpe. Rounding out the roster is Gesture who will be the starting tank. This is one of the most stacked rosters we've seen and they are certainly the favorites to win the first All-Star Game in the OWL.
Soars and heals New York
April 27, 2018
ArK helped his team hold their ground in a 3-1 win over the San Francisco Shock on Thursday of the Overwatch League.
ArK was the key player in preventing New York from getting blown out by the San Francisco Shock's strong DPS. This was mainly thanks to ArK's Mercy and Mercy's resurrection ability. There was an adjustment period on Temple of Anubis, where New York struggled to push due to the Shock playing Sombra. It wasn't until ArK played a slower game on Numbani and Junkertown that the New York really built momentum. This allowed ArK to revive players after San Francisco committed to diving the backline, putting his enemies out of position while he was able to keep his teammates alive and healthy.
Nurses his team
April 5, 2018
ArK clutched Route 66 for Saebyeolbe in a 4-0 sweep of Florida Mayhem on Thursday of the Overwatch League.
ArK continues to be the subtle playmaker for the New York Excelsior. After some standard map, at least for New York, the last map of Route 66 began to look hairy thanks to Florida bringing out Sayaplayer. Sayaplayer was able to focus down both ArK and Libero with his Widowmaker. However, in the final seconds of New York's defense ArK was able to prevent a full capture from Florida by pocketing Saebyeolbe. His positioning allowed him to both heal his teammate while also splitting Florida focus, allowing him to keep Saebyeolbe up just long enough for him to get four critical kills.
Counters any loss with well-timed revives
March 25, 2018
ArK healed his teammates up through thick-and-thin in a 4-0 sweep of the Los Angeles Valiant on Saturday of the Overwatch League, securing their No. 1 seed for Stage 2 Playoffs.
The Los Angeles Valiant had their sights set on the supports of the New York Excelsior, and it was up to ArK to keep his teammates safe from the assault. Fortunately, the Valiant didn't pay much attention to ArK, allowing him to easily counter them. Playing Mercy, ArK maneuvered around corners to hid and heal his teammates when Valiant engaged fights. And because of his unique positioning, ArK could come in during a fight to revive fallen players, easily swinging fights in his team's favor. For example, on the second defense of Volskaya Industries, ArK hid outside of the health pack room and, after the Valiant spent two ultimates to kill JJoNak, came into the fight to revive his fallen comrade.
Annoys his team to stall out a win
March 2, 2018
ArK stalled for his team in a 4-0 stomp of Boston Uprising on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 2.
ArK was utterly vital for both his healing and his uncanny ability to stall out Boston Uprising. On New York Excelsior's defense of Hanamura, ArK played Ana, as is typical on the map. However, his sharpshooting gave his team what seemed like endless healing by keeping up both the tanks and fellow support JJoNak. His sleep darts saved his partner from several dives, while a handful of grenades quickly healed his team to full. Then, on New York's defense of King's Row, ArK played Lucio. In a crucial moment, ArK's Lucio was able to stall the payload from a full capture by bouncing around, avoiding everything Boston could throw at him.
Sidelined due to injury
February 23, 2018
ArK tweeted that a wrist injury will keep him from playing for the Excelsior at the start of Stage 2.
The injury comes at perhaps the worst possible time as the team is gearing up to kick off its run in Stage 2 of the Overwatch League. The silver lining for the Excelsior is that the team still has JJoNaK in the lineup, meaning they should be able to survive without ArK for a time. There is no word just yet as to how long ArK will be sidelined with the injury.
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