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Philadelphia Fusion
Returns to action in huge win
April 16, 2018
Eqo did well during his two showings in this 3-2 win over the London Spitfire.
After sitting out three games to start Stage 3, Eqo came back at the right time when his team took on the Spitfire. It seems as though his role on the team has changed a bit these days, however. Whereas he played for the majority of Stage 2, he only played in two of the five games in this series. He still made the most of his two outings, though. He once again showed off his deep hero pool by showing off on heroes like Genji, Hanzo, and Junkrat at certain points throughout the afternoon. How his time is shared with snillo moving forward will be an interesting storyline to keep an eye on in Stage 3.
Suspended and fined by Philadelphia Fusion
April 4, 2018
Eqo has been suspended for three games and fined $2,000 by the Philadelphia Fusion, the team announced Wednesday.
Eqo's punishments stem from his use of the "slant eye" gesture made on his stream a few days ago when he was imitating a Korean in jest. The Fusion announced soon after it happened that he would be punished in some form for the racially insensitive gesture, and we now have official confirmation from the team. In addition to the fine and suspension, the team has revoked his streaming privileges until June 17, which is the end of the regular season. Eqo has since issued a statement saying that "there [was] no excuse...for [his] behavior." This will be a big blow to the team as he was the catalyst for the Fusion's resurgence in Stage 2. Whether the team can weather the storm in his absence will be a storyline to look out for in the next week-and-a-half.
Rising in the ranks as a top Genji
March 26, 2018
Eqo's stellar Genji almost won the Fusion the championship, but falling one step short, lost 3-2 against the New York Excelsior on Sunday.
Ever since Eqo started stepping in for Shadowburn, he's demonstrated a more disciplined Genji. He doesn't go on his own or try to make hero plays solo just to get picked off, but instead moves with the team and strikes in conjunction with the rest of the Fusion lineup, getting several multi-kills on Gibraltar which almost got Fusion the win.
Keeps it clean against Dallas
March 19, 2018
EQO looked solid against a struggling Dallas Fuel as the Fusion took the series 4-0.
EQO played in the stead of Shadowburn once again and could be a strictly better upgrade from the high profile Russian superstar. EQO has shown more discipline as Genji and seems to play more with the team, contributing to the new and cleaner look seen from the Fusion recently.
Proves his worth yet again
March 10, 2018
Eqo played a solid set during the Philadelphia Fusion's 3-1 loss at the hands of the New York Excelsior on Friday.
Eqo has certainly solidified his spot in the starting lineup and continues to be one of the best players on this Fusion squad. When you pair him with Carpe, you have an extremely deadly duo. The only problem here was that the Excelsior have just as deadly of a DPS duo combined with solid players at every other position. As such, it was too much for Carpe and Eqo to carry this series like they had against teams like the Mayhem and the Dragons. Still, Eqo managed to help this team take game off New York to salvage a bit of their pride here.
Pops off in his OWL debut
February 24, 2018
Eqo made quite the triumphant entrance into the OWL during the Philadelphia Fusion's 4-0 win over the Boston Uprising on Thursday.
What a debut performance from Eqo. Showing no nerves whatsoever, Eqo had his foot on the gas pedal from the minute the series kicked off. Coming out the gate on Genji, he was simply electric with his careful use of all his abilities. This was especially true of his ultimate, as he always seemed to know just when to use it for maximum effect. With him weaving his way through fights and Carpe following up with a ton of damage in his own right, there was simply nothing at all that Boston could do to stop this Fusion squad.
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