Isaac Charles 
United Kingdom
Philadelphia Fusion
Finds a way to keep his teammates alive
July 21, 2018
Boombox flexed his hero pool in a 3-2 win over the New York Excelsior on Saturday in the Overwatch League Semifinals.
Boombox was able to outplay New York's flex player, JJoNak, by simply being more versatile. Where JJoNak struggled outside of Zenyatta and Ana, Boombox was able to play a variety of heroes to compliment any given situation. For example, on Junkertown Boombox's Roadhog was able to shred through New York's defenses against JJoNak's Roadhog. Boombox would also show off his Moira and Lucio on Lijiang Tower, turning the map into a series of bloody and drawn out brawls thanks to his self-sustain and ability to keep his teammates up. Boombox's Zenyatta also found success on maps like King's Row and Dorado as he was able to keep up key players Carpe and Eqo.
Secures key map win in second series
July 13, 2018
Boombox steadied himself in the second series during his win over the Boston Uprising, losing the first series 3-1 and winning the second series 3-1, at the Overwatch League Playoffs.
Boombox has adjusted well to the current meta by expanding his hero pool. Unfortunately, Boombox's newer heroes still need work while his old picks still find ways to shine. In the first series, Boombox mostly avoided his main, Zenyatta, as he tried to fill around his teammates. This mostly meant that Boombox was playing Roadhog in the first series to help pick targets and tank for his team. Even when filling, Boombox' Roadhog struggled to stabilize fights or stall points, such as on Hanamura. In the second series, Boombox stuck to Zenyatta and saw much more success in the process. His Zenyatta was key in the Fusion's win in Eichenwalde. During Philadelphia's defense of Point B, Boombox was able to pull of two massive Transcendence ultimates that saved his team and turned around failing fights.
Dies far too much in loss
May 31, 2018
Boombox failed to keep his teammates alive during a 4-0 loss to the New York Excelsior on Wednesday.
Boombox had a rough go of things during this lopsided loss to New York. It always seemed like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, as the team just looked incredibly disjointed all around. Boombox's performance was especially rough, though, as he was dead more often than not and that left his team without the crucial healing they needed. It was no surprise, then, that this team got roughed up in all four maps of this series.
Easily supports his team in victory
May 20, 2018
Boombox was on top of things during the Philadelphia Fusion's 4-0 win over the Florida Mayhem on Saturday.
Playing against the Mayhem, Boombox didn't have much to do all series long. Florida didn't put up a fight at all, which made his life incredibly easy. Nonetheless, he was still on fire for large portions of the game with his Zenyatta. The Fusion have looked pretty good since the start of Stage 4 and this game was no different. If they keep this up, playoffs are very much on the table.
Experiences tranquility in win
April 8, 2018
Boombox was on his best behavior in the Philadelphia Fusion's 3-1 win over the Florida Mayhem on Saturday.
Boombox stuck with his Zenyatta all throughout this series and put in some serious work. With the hero being so strong in this meta, the Fusion having such a capable player on the hero is a huge boon. He's always able to put out plenty of healing with racking up kills all the while. While there were other keys to victory for this team, his solid play certainly didn't hurt one bit.
An unstoppable omnic
March 31, 2018
Boombox took out the London Spitfire in the Philadelphia Fusion's 3-2 victory Sunday in the Stage 2 Playoffs in the OWL.
Boombox continued to maintain his reputation of filling up the killfeed on Zenyatta. From either deep in the backline or in the thick of it, Boombox landed shots onto incredibly small hitboxes at lightning speed. His eliminations gave the rest of the Fusion openings they needed to come away victors in a fight. Boombox is one of the support players you want to keep your eye on.
Strong despite loss
March 26, 2018
Boombox played fantastic on support but a 3-2 defeat against the New York Excelsior still humbled him on Sunday.
Boombox was essential for the Fusion's fantastic run through the London Spitfire and all the way through Game 5 of the Stage 2 Finals against the New York Excelsior. His Zenyatta, while fantastic, was still not as polished as either London's Bdosin or New York's JJonak, but he certainly joins the two of them as some of the best Zenyattas in the Overwatch League right now.
Can't keep his cool vs Valiant
February 1, 2018
Boombox froze in the Philadelphia Fusion's 0-4 loss to the Los Angeles Valiant in Week 4 of Stage 1 in the OWL.
Boombox straight up died too many times on Zenyatta while he had Transcendence. This also happened at critical moments in a map where his ultimate may have changed the outcome. Usually, Boombox tends to be one of the more aggressive Zenyatta players, but today he was unusually timid. Hopefully, we see him return to his normal self in the next series.
Runs out of steam
January 21, 2018
Boombox started off strong against the Los Angeles Gladiators in a 2-3 loss for the Philadelphia Fusion but it wasn't enough on Thursday in the OWL.
While Shaz is known for his lethality, Boombox's Zenyatta was the one who was more consistently in the killfeed. Throughout the entire match, Boombox was able to secure kills on key targets while coordinating his Discord Orbs. Additionally, his Transcendence was always used when it was needed, giving the Fusion the upper hand in clutch moments. However, in the final clutch series, he seemed to be fatigued and didn't have too much of an impact.
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