Park Jeong-Hwan 
South Korea
Free Agent
Released by Fusion
September 3, 2018
Dayfly was one of three player released by the Philadelphia Fusion on Sunday.
The rarely seen support player will now be looking for a new team after being released by the Fusion this weekend. He was fresh on a playoff appearance after not showing up since March, but it seems that his performance didn't inspire much confidence in his team and he's now on the hunt for a new home.
Throws a curveball by showing up
July 13, 2018
Dayfly made an rare appearance in a double series against the Boston Uprising, losing the first series 3-1 and winning the second series of 3-1, in the first round of the OWL Playoffs.
Dayfly hasn't made an appearance since March 10th, and his reappearance left something to be desired. In the Playoff meta, Dayfly was unable to show off his support, instead playing Roadhog in both series' Junkertown map. His Roadhog solidly filled the role of shield buster on attack rounds thanks to hero's rapid fire rate. However, where Dayfly stumbled was on defense rounds. He struggled to effectively use Roadhog's size to block and tank for his teammates, instead using Roadhog's self-heal to stall the objective. This failed to work against the Boston Uprising's Bastion-centered composition as Roadhog's kit failed to mitigate any damage.
Couldn't get the Fusion off the ground
January 14, 2018
Dayfly struggled in Philadelphia Fusion's 0-4 loss on Saturday to the London Spitfire.
Dayfly made his OWL debut in poor fashion, coming in for a very successful Neptuno. With Dayfly on the roster, Philly looked disorganized and unfocused, which comes from Neptuno's shotcalling ability getting replaced. Dayfly's mechanics were fine but his intangibles simply weren't there for Philly.
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