Gong Jin-Hyuk 
South Korea
Free Agent
Released from Dynasty
September 4, 2018
Miro has been released from the Seoul Dynasty, according to the team's twitter account.
Miro's legacy as one of the founding fathers of Winston players cannot be understated, but it was abundantly clear during Season 1 that he is no longer up to snuff. Miro struggled to create meaningful space for Seoul, either playing too passively or relentlessly chain-feeding. When ryujehong gets swapped to main tank, you know something is wrong. Outside of Winston, Miro looked atrocious, putting up poor stats on Reinhardt and Orisa. Still, a legacy player like Miro can provide leadership and experience to any team he joins, so look for him to either retire or attempt to bounce back on a Contenders team.
Can't find his footing in big loss
April 6, 2018
Miro continued his recent run of poor performances on Wednesday, struggling in Seoul's 0-4 loss to the LA Valiant.
Miro used to be a name to be feared, back in the infancy of Overwatch. The monkey master, Miro was one of the first to understand Winston's limits, helping Lunatic-Hai dominate South Korea. Now, though, Miro has been long since overshadowed, and it showed in a big way on Wednesday. One of the three members of the squad that have played almost every game, Miro was hesitant often times, either overly cautious or jumping in and immediately dying. Seoul's shortcomings shouldn't be solely blamed on Miro, but, considering the caliber of player he is regarded for, his struggles have hurt this team in a huge way.
Falters as tank
March 18, 2018
Miro couldn't keep the backline safe or get key picks in a 4-0 loss to the London Spitfire on Saturday in the Overwatch League, Stage 2.
Miro stuck to his comfort pick of Winston, but he played his favorite hero like it was his first time playing. Miro just couldn't find key picks or protect his backline form the onslaught that was London Spitfire. This was best seen in the first map, Hanamura. On Dynasty's first defense, Miro tried to pounce on London's support of Zenyatta and Mercy. Both Mercy and Zenyatta were able to get away despite using an ultimate, but even worse he dropped to the Zenyatta he was hunting down. Miro would try to change tactics from then on by using his jump when he thought he could score a kill. Unfortunately, London was great at baiting Miro with weak players before dragging him down into a trap.
Excels on offense, struggles on defense
December 9, 2017
Miro had a mixed performance against the Houston Outlaws during Seoul Dynasty's 2-1 OWL Preseason win on Thursday.
Miro came into the series in Map 2, where Houston put up a hell of a fight. On attack, Miro's Winston helped Seoul take point A with ease, diving on Houston's backline and rolling into point B. Miro couldn't deal with Jake's Junkrat, though, as Seoul proceeded to waste an enormous time bank to get repeatedly stuffed by the Outlaws' potent point B defense. When it came time for Seoul to defend, Miro's Orisa was huge for the Dynasty, hitting huge multi-man right clicks while kiting beautifully around his particle barrier to put the Dynasty in position to full-hold. Unfortunately for Miro, Seoul fell apart in overtime, allowing Houston to take the point and then sweep through to point B and take the Game. After being subbed out for Map 3, Miro returned in Map 4, where his Numbani play was more or less just a Winston exhibition. Seoul struggled on the attack, but eventually pushed the cart all the way through the third point in overtime. On defense, though, Seoul's whacky point A defense, featuring solo-healer Ana and tobi's Torbjorn, almost full-held in regulation time, thanks in large part to Miro's ability to jump on Houston's backline. After Houston finally cracked through this defensive setup and finished the map with time in the time bank, Miro and friends returned to the same whacky defensive setup for the overtime defense, successfully holding Houston's attack off and forcing the 2-1 tie.
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