Ryu Je-Hong 
South Korea
Seoul Dynasty
Joins Pacific Division All-Star roster
June 26, 2018
ryujehong will start for the Pacific Division during the inaugural All-Star Game this August.
After a solid season of individual play, ryujehong will get to flex on his competition one last time at this year's All-Star Game. While he usually plays support, he's no stranger to other roles, having been a jack-of-all-trades for Seoul this season. With this being the All-Star Game, after all, expect plenty of shenanigans from this one.
Returns to form vs San Frrancisco
April 9, 2018
ryujehong played well in the Dynasty's 4-0 win over the San Francisco Shock on Friday.
It's clear from how much better the Dynasty played from Wednesday to Friday that the OG support core was clearly missed. ryujehong made his veteran presence felt throughout the match, remaining a thorn in sinatraa's side and leading the Dynasty dive. It wasn't just ryujehong that played well, though, as the entire team seemed to easily slip into the terrifying form that is occasionally common for this squad.
Struggles to stay alive
March 18, 2018
ryujehong struggled to do much of anything in a 4-0 loss to the London Spitfire on Saturday.
ryujehong barely looked like his normal self in this series due to a litany of problems from his teammates. The frontline tanks of Miro and zunba couldn't protect ryujehong from London's DPS, causing him to be constantly picked off and unable heal for his team. This made the simple act of staying alive a herculean feat, ryujehong would try to fix the problem by player further and further back by health packs so he could have a safety net, which could be seen on Lijiang Tower. Ironically, his attempts to play around health packs only made the situation worse as it made him an easy target for London.
Barely brings home the win for his team
February 10, 2018
ryujehong gave the Seoul Dynasty a narrow 3-2 win over the San Francisco Shock on Friday.
ryujehong may have gotten his team a win in this series, but it was an ever so slight win. Too many times, both he and tobi found themselves picked off early in fights, giving the Shock enough room to pick up two wins in this series. As the series went on, ryu and tobi did manage to stabilize a bit, but it was still not a great look for a team that was hyped coming into the season. The narrow win also squashed any hopes of the playoffs for this team, giving them a lot to think about for Stage 2.
Leads Seoul subs to win
January 29, 2018
ryujehong did what he had to do in Seoul's 3-1 series win against the Shanghai Dragons on Wednesday.
Shanghai shouldn't pose much of a threat to one of the best teams in Overwatch history, but things were dicey for the Dynasty. Fielding a roster of subs, Seoul looked sloppy as a team and without its usual decisiveness. Luckily, ryujehong had no issues fragging out as Zenyatta, carrying Seoul through a couple of close fights. His stubbornness when needing to switch heroes still lingered, however, helping Shanghai somewhat in its only map win on Dorado.
Stubborn play during narrow loss
January 26, 2018
ryujehong simply couldn't gain much traction during Seoul Dynasty's 3-2 loss to the New York Excelsior on Friday.
ryujehong did what he could in this series, but he simply couldn't raise them to the level needed to pick up the win. He did provide some nice versatility to the team with his variety of picks, which helped his team get as close as they did to a win in this series. One thing he'll need to curtail a bit in the future in some of his stubbornness with picks, as he sometimes stuck with a hero for too long and put his team at a disadvantage. His play will still be enough to take down most teams in the league, but his shortcomings here could show up again in a future playoff series with higher implications.
Leads Seoul to another sweep
January 18, 2018
ryujehong delivered on all counts as he crushed Florida Mayhem beneath his heel 4-0 on Wednesday in the Overwatch League.
ryujehong played on the usual supports, Mercy and Zenyatta, but also pulled out Moira, and his pocket pick Ana. This merely displayed his flexibility, but anyone can do that by swapping heroes; what makes ryujehong a head above the rest is how well he does on the heroes he selects. With a teamfight win percentages of 58.33 and 59.46 on Mercy and Zenyatta respectively (Stats from WinstonsLab), ryujehong outperformed the Mayhem supports for a majority of the series. He even showed off spectacular kill-cams of him annihilating Florida players while on defense on Horizon Lunar Colony, proving there's nothing he can't do.
Consistently strong performances
January 11, 2018
In a 2-1 victory Seoul Dynasty had over Dallas Fuel on Wednesday, ryujehong continued to prove to be one of the best players in the entire Overwatch League.
While famous for his Ana play, ryujehong actually spent more time on Zenyatta, able to burst down the health bar of anyone unsuspecting of his attention. The map awareness he has is incomprehensibly expansive as evidenced by his ability to sleep dart Genji players the very second they start up a Dragonblade. A trait unmeasurable by stats, his all-seeing eye protects his teammates, stops enemy DPS like Taimou and EFFECT in their tracks to allow a controlled victory over Dallas Fuel.
Leads Seoul to win over Houston
December 9, 2017
ryujehong led Seoul Dynasty to another OWL Preseason victory on Thursday, taking down the Houston Outlaws by a score of 2-1.
ryujehong, the captain, the Ana god, the true flex. What else can you say about him that hasn't already been said? In Map 1, his attack Bastion took the payload all the way through the first two points of Junkertown, only getting stopped in the difficult third stage. While Seoul couldn't finish the map fully, ryujehong's Zenyatta play helped them stop Houston just short of a map win, giving the Dynasty a 1-0 lead. In Map 2, ryujehong's attack Moira decimated the Outlaws' dive defense, capturing point A of Horizon Lunar Colony with ease. After that, however, the Dynasty hit a brick wall and could not capture point B, largely due to Jake's Junkrat. ryujehong did what he could on defense, but even his impressive Ana/Zenyatta wasn't enough to stop Houston from tying the series at 1-1. In Map 3, ryujehong was confined to Mercy duty while tobi took his signature Lucio to Ilios, but it honestly didn't matter what ryujehong played as the Dynasty rolled to a 2-0 win. In the final game of the series, ryujehong's famed Ana finally showed up on Numbani defense, where ryujehong worked with Miro's Winston to annihilate Houston's squishy backline in overtime and force the 3-3 draw. While a 2-1 series win in a Bo4 wasn't exactly what Seoul was looking for, ryujehong's performance was on the money.
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