Yang Jin-Mo 
South Korea
Seoul Dynasty
Leads Seoul to 4-0 win
April 9, 2018
tobi shined in the main healer role during the Dynasty's 4-0 sweep of the San Francisco Shock on Friday.
Throughout the course of the first season of the Overwatch League, tobi has become better and better as the patches roll through. That's not to say tobi is patch dependent as a player, though, as the main support role is essentially limited to 3 heroes, all of which tobi can play well. Rather, tobi's influence on Seoul comes in the form of shotcalling and leadership, both of which carried in this matchup. After seeing the Seoul B-team struggle against a new Valiant side, tobi's X-factors are suddenly much more noticeable, making him an invaluable tool for the Dynasty.
Leads Seoul subs to series win
March 12, 2018
tobi's Lucio shined in Seoul's 3-1 victory over the Shanghai Dynasty on Wednesday.
Accompanying the B-Team for Seoul Dynasty was the veteran support, showcasing his world-class Lucio play, keeping the subs alive against the Dragons. Even if Shanghai is a significantly weaker team, they launched a surprisingly strong assault taking a map off of them, but tobi didn't miss a step getting the team back on their feet during Route 66 which, if a few things went differently could have pushed for a Game 5 in the series.
Revitalized in new meta
February 24, 2018
tobi looked uncaged on Wednesday in Seoul Dynasty's 4-0 win over the Los Angeles Valiant.
tobi is finally free from the prison that was the Mercy-dominant support meta and because of that, the Seoul Dynasty has never looked scarier. tobi's usage of Lucio not only created team flexibility but boosted the overall performance of every other player on the squad. As long as tobi is playing Lucio, never doubt the Dynasty.
Almost hands his team a loss
February 10, 2018
tobi had a rough go of it during the Seoul Dynasty's 3-2 win over the San Francisco Shock on Friday.
While tobi certainly looked a bit looser with ryujehong back in the lineup, he still had a tough time staying alive in teamfights during the series. It wasn't limited to just him, however, as both he and ryu couldn't seem to keep their heads attached to their bodies with Babybay and Danteh running around with reckless abandon. To their credit, both the Seoul supports stabilized in the late stages of the series and ended up with a 3-2 win. Still, this was not the ending to Stage 1 that Seoul certainly wanted as they will now need to turn to the two-week break before Stage 2 to figure out where it all went wrong.
Can't survive without ryujehong
February 2, 2018
tobi had a rough time during Seoul Dynasty's 4-0 loss to the London Spitfire on Thursday.
tobi seemed to be completely lost and out of sorts without his usual support partner in tow. With ryujehong out due to illness, tobi simply couldn't handle things on his own. He had some nice moments, but it's clear that ryu is a huge part of this roster and Seoul will have to hope that he's not sick for long or they could be in for a bad time.
Shows off versatility in win
January 20, 2018
tobi used a variety of heroes to help the Seoul Dynasty come away with a 4-0 sweep of the Boston Uprising on Friday.
tobi was never content to stick to a single hero throughout the course of this series. Not only was his Mercy play on point, but he even managed to do well with Lucio, which is no easy feat in the current meta. His versatility allows this team to come out the gate with a multi-faceted attack and defense that leaves teams guessing at every moment.
Come get your heals (and armor)
December 15, 2017
tobi put out plenty of utility during Seoul Dynasty's 3-1 victory over New York Excelsior on the final day of the preseason.
While tobi is the support player for this team and he plays that role well, he ventured over to the defensive category with some Torbjorn play at the end of the series. He had great placements on his turrets and managed to pace his Molten Cores well enough to keep his team ahead during their final push to keep Excelsior off the point. In the other three games of the series, he stuck to the more traditional heroes for his role and he was solid. Whether it was Lucio, Mercy, or even Ana, tobi put in work to help his team to the easy 3-1 series win.
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