Kim Dae-Kuk 
South Korea
Los Angeles Valiant
Transfers to Valiant
September 13, 2018
KuKi has been transferred to the Los Angeles Valiant, the team announced Thursday.
After serving as a part of the Seoul Dynasty's main tank rotation during the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, KuKi will now head to Los Angeles to assist the Valiant in their bid for an OWL title. While Fate will remain the starter, KuKi is a solid addition to the tank corps and will give Fate some room to maneuver and rest. With the league expanding to 20 teams in 2019, having a deep and flexible roster will surely be more important than ever.
Unable to protect his team in upset loss
March 24, 2018
KuKi couldn't seem to be enough of a frontline presence in the Seoul Dynasty's 3-1 loss to the Houston Outlaws on Thursday.
KuKi got off to a nice start in this series by blocking incredibly well for his team in the early moments, but it wasn't long before he completely fell apart. As things went on, he was wholly unable to tank enough for his team to gain any traction. With the Outlaws DPS core easily pushing right past KuKi, Seoul's DPS players couldn't bring nearly enough damage to prevent this fairly lopsided loss.
One of two anchors in Dynasty win
January 15, 2018
KuKi was one of two players to never be subbed out of the Dynasty's 4-0 sweep of the Los Angeles Gladiators on Saturday.
KuKi has been an integral part of the Dynasty, proving he is capable of meshing with any lineup. He spent most of his time on Winston against the Gladiators with great effect. He was constantly in and out of fights, plaguing the back lines of the Gladiators constantly.
Plays well in half of Seoul's series win
December 9, 2017
KuKi monkeyed around in Seoul Dynasty's 2-1 series win vs Houston Outlaws in the OWL Preseason on Thursday.
KuKi entered Game 1 on Junkertown with one goal in mind: keep ryujehong's attack Bastion safe. As Orisa, he helped captain the pirate ship composition, picking Outlaws out of position with right clicks and protecting ryujehong at all costs. Once the cart entered the third stage, however, KuKi swapped over to Winston but to no avail, as the Dynasty finished its attacking half with two points and a decent length pushed. On defense, KuKi and co. got rolled on the first two points, but KuKi's Winston linked up with the rest of Seoul's potent dive composition, holding Houston at bay and securing the Game 1 win. After getting subbed out in Game 2, KuKi returned to the series in Game 3 on Ilios, where he continued to play Winston against Houston's subs. Jumping on whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted, KuKi and the rest of the Dynasty's PharMercy-dive composition tore through Houston, securing an easy 2-0 win on Well and Lighthouse, respectively. KuKi did not play in Map 4.
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