Dongjian Wu 
Free Agent
Strong play in loss to Dynasty
March 12, 2018
MG was a menace despite the 3-1 loss to the Seoul Dynasty on Wednesday.
MG's tank play from previous weeks was lackluster, scattered and unfocused but this week with Shanghai's newfound sense of coordination allowed his Roadhog to shove Seoul Dynasty to the curb on King's Row. Flanking at the right time and hooking the right targets, Seoul Dynasty barely stood a chance to pierce the Chinese team's defense, and it was MG leading that charge. He made the most improvements so far this week and if he keeps it up then Shanghai might finally be able to win a series soon.
Struggles to zone in the late game
February 7, 2018
MG's D.Va fell apart in a 2-3 loss to Dallas Fuel on Wednesday of Week 5 of the Overwatch League Stage 1.
MG had a solid idea of how to tank, but the problem was in his execution. The D.Va main struggled to mitigate damage for long periods of time or to even give his team's DPS time to breath. His poor juggling of priorities in tense situations caused MG to fly all over the map in desperate attempts to make a stand. A key example would be in Oasis Gardens where MG was often left in the middle of Dallas Fuel's lineup without a shield. However, at his best, such on Eichenwalde, he played a properly aggressive D.Va that bounced around the Fuel's DPS.
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