SeHyun Park 
South Korea
Boston Uprising
Dies too much for Uprising to win
February 12, 2018
Neko found himself caught by the Houston Outlaws too many times on Saturday in the Boston Uprising's 3-2 loss.
Neko's performance this series, especially at the end, included too many times where he got caught out. One such example is on Lijiang Tower where he was forced to use Zenyatta's Transcendence in order to live. While understandable, that ultimate was crucial in order for the Uprising to win over the Outlaws ultimate advantage. In order for the Uprising to make it into playoffs, let alone win, this issue needs to be fixed.
Provides offensive support
February 3, 2018
Neko cushions his team's assault with stable healing in a 4-0 stomp of the Los Angeles Gladiators on Friday.
We should just change Boston Uprising's name to Boston Dives. The team's now patented dive composition utterly dominated the weak set up of the Los Angeles Gladiators. But this was only doable thanks to Neko, who mainly played Zenyatta this series. Skillfully throwing his buffs on debuffs on key targets, Boston was able to move with purpose and without fear. Neko's debuffs were key in allowing Striker and DreamKazper to devastate the backline as Boston's tanks pressured the frontline. The was best seen in Boston's first assault on Numbani where Neko's keen eye tagged up LA's Mercy for an easy kill to snowball a fast map.
Slowly picks up speed
January 27, 2018
Neko found his stride late into the series in a shocking 3-2 win over Dallas Fuel on Saturday.
Neko struggled quite a bit early in this series. The tank-centered comp Dallas brought out exposed the weaknesses of Boston Uprising's dive strategies, especially in the case of Neko. Playing Zenyatta, most of the time, on both Numbani and Temple of Anubis, he was often left exposed or would overextend as his teammates attempted to pop Dallas Fuel's backline. It wasn't until Boston switched up their strategies with their dive line-up that things would change. Neko kept his team up through thick-and-thin as DreamKazper and Striker pinched Dallas Fuel's flanks instead of their backline. On top of the healing, Neko would debuff key DPS targets for Striker and DreamKazper to smash. Then, in a final battle, Neko provided two game-winning kills on Lijiang Tower that clutched the series.
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