Simon Ekstrom 
Philadelphia Fusion
Fails to impress
April 28, 2018
Snillo put up a lackluster performance in the Philadelphia Fusion's 3-2 loss to the Seoul Dynasty on Thursday.
Snillo only made one appearance in this series, but it was quite the rocky one. He was subbed in for Route 66 as the Fusion had a shot to close out the series with a win. Instead, he never seemed to pull himself together no matter what hero he was playing with and the Fusion suffered because of it. He mainly played Tracer, but his performance simply left you wishing that it was Carpe on the hero instead. Without a consistent force harassing the backline of Seoul, the Fusion were handed a loss that pushed the series to a Game 5 that they also lost.
Shines even with return of Eqo
April 16, 2018
Snillo still proved his worth even with the return Eqo in the Philadelphia Fusion's 3-2 win over the London Spitfire on Saturday.
With Eqo returning to the lineup in this series, how much playing time he would get was a big question surrounding this team. Clearly, Snillo showed off something that the Fusion likes because he played in three of the fives games during this series. His play on Tracer continues to be near the top of the league, which allowed Carpe to shine with his own deep hero pool. However much he ends up playing, the Fusion are sure to be in good hands with either him or Eqo.
Continues strong play in place of Eqo
April 13, 2018
Snillo once again stepped up for the Philadelphia Fusion in their 3-2 win against the Houston Outlaws on Thursday.
All throughout this series, Snillo showed off his ability to easily infiltrate the backline of Houston with relative ease. Any time he was shown during the match, he was somewhere sneaking through the shadows and getting ready to one-clip an unsuspecting member of the Outlaws. Not only that, but he managed to stay alive for an impressive amount of time given how deep into enemy territory he frequently went. It was no surprise to see him near the top of the league in terms of overall KD given his knack for staying alive.
Starts in place of suspended Eqo
April 6, 2018
Snillo was on the starting roster for the entirety of the Philadelphia Fusion's 3-2 loss to the Boston Uprising on Thursday.
With Eqo being suspended for three games, it was Snillo time for the Fusion. He came out the gate on fire with one of the most involved entrances we've seen to date. Once the marching band (yes, there was a marching band involved) was gone, it was time for Snillo to show that he could fill Eqo's shoes for a few games. If this series is any indication, the Fusion should be just fine. Sure, they didn't end up winning the series, but Snillo certainly wasn't to blame. He was on point for the majority of this series and always gave his team a chance at victory. With some more time in this starting role, the Fusion should bounce back well in their next outing.
Tracer specialist had a monumental effect
March 31, 2018
Snillo hopped in for the victory match of the Philadelphia Fusion over the London Spitfire in a 3-2 victory in the Stage 2 Playoffs in the OWL.
Snillo only played in the last match in the series, but his Tracer performance was influential in their victory. Snillo put constant pressure on the Spitfire's backline and was side by side with his team pushing the Spitfire into a corner. Watching only Route 66, it would have looked like Snillo was playing for the whole series thus far. He is definitely one player you might want to consider adding if Route 66 is in the map pool.
Nabs the start over Carpe
March 19, 2018
Snillo got the start over Carpe as the Tracer specialist in the Philadelphia Fusion's 4-0 victory over the Dallas Fuel.
Snillo synced up well with fellow DPS Eqo for a much cleaner look team than the Fusion have fielded in the past. Though it was a thorough thrashing of the Dallas Fuel, Snillo could get more opportunities to start in Stage 3.
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