Son Min-seok 
South Korea
Dallas Fuel
Makes a case to stay
June 19, 2018
OGE looks like the long term answer at main for the Dallas Fuel after their 3-2 playoff loss to the New York Excelsior.
OGE was a consistent force for the Fuel in the series against New York. He was able to hold the front line just as well as Mano or Janus and has curbed his overaggressive habits on offense. OGE has also built a good rapport with his support players, ensuring that he is always at full health when starting a fight and that he receives the necessary attention when leaping out of fights. OGE will likely be the anchor for the Dallas Fuel's roster in Season 2.
Getting all the resources
June 4, 2018
OGE got the Fissure treatment in the Dallas Fuel's 3-1 victory over the London Spitfire.
OGE is getting the resources from his team to play as the centerpiece for the Dallas Fuel. His play and communication have improved as the Fuel works around him to complete their objectives, but unlike with the Gladiators's Fissue, the Fuel are not so dependent on OGE that they fall apart without him. OGE completely outplayed Gesture in the series against London, despite ostensibly being the lesser between the two.
Shows up in a big way
June 1, 2018
OGE was fantastic in the tank matchup in the Dallas Fuel's 3-1 loss to the San Francisco Shock.
Despite ultimately losing the series, OGE showed super how tanks are supposed to be played. OGE was crucial to the Fuel's success, getting in super's head, preventing his ultimates and keeping him out of the fight. OGE really showed how much he was outplaying super when both tanks were on Reinhardt, constantly blocking Earthshatters and laying down big ones of his own.
Still raw but improving
May 25, 2018
OGE still needs a little more time to adjust but his overall team play is improving evidenced by the Fuel's 3-0 win over the Boston Uprising.
OGE still has some things to work on. In an effort to stall for percentage on Oasis, he foolishly wasted and Earthshatter hoping to make some kind of hero play for the Fuel. However, improvements are clear in OGE's play, he has better communication with Seagull and Mickie to set up plays and is becoming more comfortable taking an aggressive frontline position. OGE will hopefully continue to become what the Fuel needs in a main tank throughout the stage.
Still needs time
April 13, 2018
OGE is still acclimating to his role, evidenced in the Dallas Fuel's 2-1 loss to the Los Angeles Valiant.
OGE may be the final piece that the Dallas Fuel needed, but he has still yet to notch a win with his new team. OGE has proven to be potent and very focused on the overall success of his team more so than his own performance, willing to die just for the opportunity to move the payload a few extra meters. OGE's connection with Effect is still strong, but his level of communication with his supports may need some extra work. He was a bit too overzealous at times and left his supports behind to a grisly fate or to meet his own demise with the lack of healing. OGE will come into his own soon enough, be looking for the Fuel to surprise a few teams before the stage is over.
Impresses in debut
April 13, 2018
OGE showed just what he brings to the table for his team as the Dallas Fuel fell 3-2 to the Seoul Dynasty.
OGE has proven to be worth the wait for the Dallas Fuel, finally bringing the team together to look like a real Overwatch League squad. OGE has excellent synergy with Effect, making their dives incredibly potent. Though he needs more time to become acclimated with his teammates, OGE could help bring the Dallas Fuel into title contention.
Signs with Fuel
March 8, 2018
OGE is the newest tank for the Dallas Fuel, the team announced Thursday.
First reported by Rod "Slasher" Breslau of ESPN Esports on Wednesday, we now have official confirmation from the Fuel that OGE has joined the team. With issues popping up from this team like a leaky boat, the addition of a new tank could be what the team needs to get back on track. The Fuel will have to struggle along with their current lineup for awhile, however, as OGE will not join the team until Stage 3. Only time will tell what the state of the Fuel's playoff chances will be by that point, however.
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