Grant Espe 
San Francisco Shock
Nabs a win in 2nd match
March 19, 2018
In only his second match with the San Francisco Shock, moth helped his team nab the win 3-1 over the Houston Outlaws.
The San Francisco Shock, ever since the addition of moth, have looked like a more organized team. During his post-game interview, moth laid out the Shock's plan for combating the Houston Outlaws and gave the impression of an excellent in-game leader that could help start this team's resurgence before sinnatra arrives.
Makes OWL debut in loss to Spitfire
March 17, 2018
moth had fleeting moments of greatness in the San Francisco Shock's 2-1 loss to the London Spitfire on Friday.
With moth being one of the new acquisitions for this team and the Shock continuing to struggle, it's no surprise that San Francisco decided to put him in at the first possible moment. Even though his team didn't get the win, he had an overall strong showing in the loss. He started off by making some nice plays with Ana on the first map, with the highlight being his Sleep Dart on a jumping Winston from Gesture. If he can continue making plays like this, the Shock could certainly be in for an upswing once reinforcements in form of sinatraa and super arrive in the coming weeks.
Signs with Shock
March 13, 2018
moth is the newest member of the San Francisco Shock, the team announced Tuesday.
While he was originally playing for Toronto Esports, the Overwatch Contenders affiliate of the Boston Uprising, moth has decided to move right into the OWL sooner rather than later. He will enter the San Francisco Shock as a fresh face for the team's support core. With the Shock currently trying to stabilize themselves in Stage 2 before reinforcements in the form of sinatraa and super are eligible, moth could provide a much-needed boost to the team.
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