Min-seok Kwon 
South Korea
Boston Uprising
Potential unleashed
June 9, 2018
AimGod was a lethal force within the Boston Uprising in a 4-0 victory against the Shanghai Dragons on Day 3 of Week 4 in Stage 4 of the OWL.
AimGod's true purpose was shown today, where he racked up multikill after multikill. He was sniping people from the Uprising's backline to getting right up in the Dragon's frontline and walked away nearly every time. This level of aggression is reassuring but needs to be taken with a grain of salt. A tactic such as this won't go over as cleanly against the better teams in the OWL.
Progress is a lengthy process
June 9, 2018
AimGod is making progress to meshing with the Boston Uprising after a 3-1 victory against the Seoul Dynasty on Day 1 of Week 4 ion Stage 4 of the OWL.
AimGod has had a slow to start in terms of synergy with the rest of the Uprising, but after this match, he's starting to look much more comfortable. AimGod is working around the rest of the Uprising backline, resulting in him being able to stay alive much longer and thus being able to support the rest of the team even more. If he continues at this pace, AimGod might just be a critical factor in the upcoming playoffs.
Still having trouble synergizing
June 9, 2018
AimGod continues to be misaligned with the Boston Uprising after a 3-1 loss to the San Francisco Shock on Day 3 in Week 3 of Stage 4 in the OWL.
AimGod continues to be the starting Zenyatta player for the Boston Uprising and doesn't look to have nailed down the team dynamic quite yet. At the best of times, AimGod will get a multi-kill out of nowhere, but at the worst of times, he dies alone on a long flank. This type of inconsistency won't cut it at the playoffs, and AimGod needs to iron out this rough area.
Trying to make the most out of a bad situation
June 2, 2018
AimGod looks to be trying to figure out new strategies with the Boston Uprising in their 2-1 loss to the London Spitfire on Day 2 of Week 3 in Stage 4 of the OWL.
AimGod was surprisingly flexible, looking to try out new tactics to solve the issues Boston has been facing. Unfortunately, these solutions definitely need more work. One example is when he flexed onto Sombra, but the Uprising didn't seem to consistently use the hero swap to great effect. However, this move shows that AimGod has realized his shortcomings and is working to make himself better. Hopefully, he accomplishes a breakthrough in time for playoffs.
Inconsistent backup
June 2, 2018
AimGod still looks to be having trouble meshing with the Boston Uprising after a 3-2 loss to the Los Angeles Valiant on Day 3 of Week 2 in Stage 4 of the OWL.
AimGod has been regularly swapped out for Neko, filling the Zenyatta hole within the team composition. Unfortunately, from a spectator perspective, it looks like the integration with the rest of the Uprising is going slow. At this stage in the season, this is a curious change up and puts the whole team into a difficult position. AimGod does have his moments, though, but needs to remain calm in hard situations. Hopefully, he's able to become the force that pulls the Uprising together, but right now it seems worrisome.
All bark but no bite
May 20, 2018
AimGod couldn't stop the Houston Outlaws in the Boston Uprising's 3-1 loss on Day 3 of Week 1 in Stage 4 of the OWL.
AimGod made his debut today filling in Neko's Zenyatta role. While his stats were impressive, AimGod wasn't able to have a great enough impact on the match to turn the tide in Boston's favor. Doing a ton of damage is great, but if the team can't take out those targets they become ultimate batteries for the enemy supports. AimGod's mechanics might have been in the right place, but his teamwork looks like it'll need more work.
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