Dallas Fuel
In talks to join Fuel
February 13, 2018
As reported by ESPN's Jacob Wolf, Dallas is in talks to acquire Rascal.
Rascal's move might surprise some, especially since London is sitting pretty on top of the OWL standings, but it makes sense on both ends. For London, Rascal's hero pool was covered by its other DPS, mostly Profit and birdring, and Rascal took up a roster spot to specialize and excel in nothing more than Mei. For Dallas, Rascal is strictly an upgrade over Seagull, someone who can hopefully get the most out of struggling hitscan players EFFECT and Taimou. Still, Dallas has five DPS on its roster, meaning competition will be fierce for playing time, but count on Rascal to appear in Dallas blue early in Stage 2.
Wins duels left and right
February 10, 2018
Seagull played incredibly well in a 3-1 win over the Los Angeles Gladiators on Friday.
From the start of this series, Seagull was giving his team the best chance at a win. Whether it was winning duels with Hydration in the skies on Pharah or just giving his team room to maneuver with strong overall DPS, he simply did it all for the Fuel. With him and Taimou playing so well, the Fuel have some good foundation moving into Stage 2.
Back from the dead
February 10, 2018
Mickie found his stride when the Dallas Fuel needed it most in a 3-1 win over the Los Angeles Gladiators.
Mickie had been one of the weak links for Dallas during this Stage in the OWL, but he threw all that out the window with a big showing in this series. His tank play was on point, using his D.Va ultimates to zone off the Gladiators and give his team plenty of room to breathe all game long. He simply looked like a much more decisive and strong player than we've seen in some time, which puts him in a good spot heading into Stage 2.
Steps up when needed
February 10, 2018
Taimou played out of his mind in the Dallas Fuel's 3-1 in over the Los Angeles Gladiators on Friday.
While Taimou is one of the best players in the league when he's playing his game, he sometimes simply looks off and puts his team at a disadvantage. That wasn't the case at all in this series, however. From the very start, he was all over the place in the best way possible, helping his team at every moment. Whether he was on Roadhog, McCree, or Widowmaker, he was doing it all. He slipped up a certain moments, sure, but overall, he played incredibly well and looks to be in good shape moving into Stage 2.
Finally steps into the spotlight
February 7, 2018
Seagull popped off to give his team a much-needed 3-2 victory against the Shanghai Dragons on Wednesday of Week 5 of the Overwatch League Stage 1.
Seagull finally shows the strength and power he's known for. Though this was most likely because he got to play Genji instead of some new trick he learned. Surprisingly, EFFECT was not in this series, meaning that Seagull had to take up core DPS duties, which also meant he didn't have to play around EFFECT's picks. Seagull found massive success with Genji on Horizon Lunar Colony. In Round 4, Seagull burned the entirety of Shanghai Dragon's roster with a single dash through their climbed positioning. This game him Dragonblade which allowed him for and easy first point capture and win.
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