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Retires from professional play
August 7, 2018
Seagull announced his retirement from professional Overwatch on Tuesday.
Seagull's road throughout the inaugural season of the Overwatch League surely wasn't what he had in mind coming in. From flipping between the bench and the starting roster to requesting and being denied a trade, it was quite the turbulent journey. Despite ending the year with a string of solid performances good enough to earn him a spot in the All-Star Game later this month, the flex player has decided to hang up the Dallas Fuel jersey and turn to full-time streaming. Given the strain that being a player in the OWL puts on a player, it's not too surprising that Seagull has opted for the move. Still, it's sad to see the North American player pool shrink by one more player in the wake of this announcement.
Completes redemption tour at All-Star Game
June 26, 2018
Seagull will be part of the starting roster for the Pacific Division at the All-Star Game this summer, Blizzard has announced.
Through all the ups and downs this season with the Dallas Fuel, Seagull has been recognized for his contributions and will start for the Pacific Division at the All-Star Game. Despite looking like one of the worst teams through the first three stages, Seagull was a larger part of the team's resurgence and playoff appearance in Stage 4. He will take those talents into the All-Star Game as the Pacific Division will go for the first-ever All-Star title.
Cant keep pace with Meko
June 19, 2018
Seagull has come into his own in the off-tank role but paled in comparison to a true off-tank player in the Dallas Fuel's 3-2 playoff loss to the New York Excelsior.
Seagull has always been a consistent player who understand the fundamentals of the game very well. He did a good job being aggressive and peeling for his supports against New York, as D.Va, but missed several opportunities across the series. Seagull was often caught out of position and was forced to use his ultimate to re-mech and stay in the fight. If OGE will be the Anchor of Dallas' roster going forward, Seagull will undoubtedly be the putty used to fill any weak positions.
Makes a case to stay
June 19, 2018
OGE looks like the long term answer at main for the Dallas Fuel after their 3-2 playoff loss to the New York Excelsior.
OGE was a consistent force for the Fuel in the series against New York. He was able to hold the front line just as well as Mano or Janus and has curbed his overaggressive habits on offense. OGE has also built a good rapport with his support players, ensuring that he is always at full health when starting a fight and that he receives the necessary attention when leaping out of fights. OGE will likely be the anchor for the Dallas Fuel's roster in Season 2.
Leads comeback charge in defeat
June 19, 2018
Mickie was the progenitor of the Dallas Fuel's comeback attempt in their 3-2 playoff loss to the New York Excelsior
Mickie spent most of the series as Brigitte, causing havoc and dishing out healing. Mickie had minimal impact early on as he was cut off from his team too often. When Dallas began to turn things around on Lijiang Tower, Mickie turned the tables on the Excelsior, holding back until they prepared to engage, jumping in at the last second to cut the Excelsior front line off from the supports. Though ultimately the Fuel fell short, Mickie made a strong case for him to be part of the Fuel next season
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Announce release of KyKy and Rascal
April 15, 2018
The Dallas Fuel announced to the press late Sunday night that Head Coach Kyle Souder and DPS player Rascal will be released effective immediately.
This announcement comes as a huge shock to the community, as the Dallas Fuel was starting to improve after two stages of turmoil. Rascal's release is somewhat less shocking as he has long been rumored to be causing internal issues. With the transfer window having closed weeks ago, Rascal will not be replaced until the off-season. Meanwhile, KyKy's replacement is expected to be announced within the week.