Shanghai Dragons
The calvalry is on its way
March 16, 2018
Geguri will finally be making her way to the United States within the week, the Shanghai Dragons announced Thursday.
With the Dragons in a complete state of disarray at this stage in the OWL, the arrival of reinforcements is something that players and fans alike can look forward to. Geguri is set to have her visa interview next Wednesday and is expected to arrive in the States next Friday. While this means that she will end up missing the entirety of Stage 2 after all, her arrival should give her enough time to practice with the team prior to the start of Stage 3 to give this team some hope at its first win.
Expected to arrive in the States within the week
March 16, 2018
Depending on the results of his visa interview on Friday, Fearless is set to make his arrival to the United States between Sunday and Tuesday.
With the Dragons going 0-2 for the seventh week in a row and star player Undead going back to China for the final week of Stage 2, Shanghai needed a bit of good news. It came in the form of a positive update for the team's new acquisitions. Both Fearless and Ado will be having their visa interviews on Friday and should make his way to America with a few days if all goes according to plan. That arrival date should allow the players enough time to get on the same page as their team in order to finally pick up a win come the beginning of Stage 3.
On his way stateside
March 16, 2018
Ado is expected to arrive in the United States between 3/18 and 3/20 if his visa interview goes according to plan.
Finally a bit of good news for the Shanghai Dragons. Both Ado and Fearless are having their visa interviews on Friday, with their arrival to the States expected to come between Sunday and Tuesday if the interview goes well. Should this all fall into place, it should mean that the pair (trio once you include Geguri, who is expected to arrive next Friday) will be able to acclimate themeslves into the team prior to the start of Stage 3 to give this team some welcomed reinforcements.
To miss remainder of Stage 2
March 16, 2018
The Shanghai Dragons have announced that Undead will miss the final two matches of Stage 2.
Due to a personal issue, Undead has gone back to China, which means he will miss the final week of Stage 2. With Undead being Shanghai's best player by a country mile, this will undoubtedly be a huge blow a team that was already struggling mightily. Without him in the lineup, it's looking like the team will end Stage 2 without a win to put them further in the OWL basement. There's no word on how long Undead will be in China or whether he'll be back in time for the start of Stage 3.
Strong play in loss to Dynasty
March 12, 2018
MG was a menace despite the 3-1 loss to the Seoul Dynasty on Wednesday.
MG's tank play from previous weeks was lackluster, scattered and unfocused but this week with Shanghai's newfound sense of coordination allowed his Roadhog to shove Seoul Dynasty to the curb on King's Row. Flanking at the right time and hooking the right targets, Seoul Dynasty barely stood a chance to pierce the Chinese team's defense, and it was MG leading that charge. He made the most improvements so far this week and if he keeps it up then Shanghai might finally be able to win a series soon.
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