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February 16, 2018
Pending Blizzard approval, FCTFCTN will be the newest member of the Houston Outlaws, the team announced Friday.
FCTFCTN was last seen playing for Team USA during the Overwatch World Cup last November where he helped USA put up one hell of a fight against South Korea. He was one of the surprising players to not land on a team when OWL rosters were announced last year. He'll now join one of the biggest surprises from Stage 1, as the Outlaws shocked almost everyone with a third-place finish after losing to the London Spitfire during the Stage 1 playoffs. As a main tank, he'll be a reliable second option to current main tank Muma. With Houston already contending with the best teams during Stage 1, they only stand to get stronger with the addition of FCTFCTN.
Blasts Boston in win
February 12, 2018
Rawkus was a lethal force on the Houston Outlaws in the 3-2 victory over the Boston Uprising on Saturday.
Rawkus was not going to go down without a fight on every map. He's always been aggressive, but Saturday it was like somebody lit a flame underneath him. Responding to the ebb and flow of a battle, Rawkus put himself in a position so that his Zenyatta could take out a member of Uprising. Sometimes this was pushing up past his teammates, but other times it was waiting in a spot for the Uprising to come to him. Understanding this flow, and using it to your advantage, marks the difference between good and great Zenyatta players.
Powerful play leads to Outlaws' win
February 12, 2018
coolmatt danced around the Boston Uprising in the Houston Outlaw's 3-2 victory on Saturday.
coolmatt makes darting around in front of the enemy as D.Va look easy. While a key part of this may have been a more focused Outlaws in general, it's still something that needs intense mechanical skill and concentration to make it happen. All the while responding to the many variables that pop up within a teamfight. These are crucial habits a D.Va player needs, and coolmatt he's got the stuff to pull it off.
Back to deadly form
February 12, 2018
LiNkzr played well on Saturday in the Houston Outlaws' 3-2 win over the Boston Uprising.
This match was LiNkzr's return to the stage, and his impact was immediate. The Outlaws were a much more lethal, determined, and focused team with him in play. Additionally, LiNkzr's mechanical skill wasn't something to be trifled with. Boston had to respect where he was at all times. LiNkzr is clearly a driving force on the Houston Outlaws.
Flashy and impactful player
January 29, 2018
Jake was a menace to the Los Angeles Gladiators in the Outlaws massive 4-0 victory on Saturday evening.
Jake was nearly uncontested in his mayhem of the LA Gladiators. In Game 1 on attack, Jake opted for a Pharah pick and came out rockets blazing, scoring 2 double kills nearly instantaneously and helping his team cap the first point on Numbani in under one minute of game time. This set the tone for the rest of the match as Jake stayed on Pharah or opted for the hypermobile Tracer as the match and team comp demanded, always being a huge boon to his team and a terrible threat to the enemy.
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