Seoul Dynasty
South Korea
Transfers to Valiant
September 13, 2018
KuKi has been transferred to the Los Angeles Valiant, the team announced Thursday.
After serving as a part of the Seoul Dynasty's main tank rotation during the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, KuKi will now head to Los Angeles to assist the Valiant in their bid for an OWL title. While Fate will remain the starter, KuKi is a solid addition to the tank corps and will give Fate some room to maneuver and rest. With the league expanding to 20 teams in 2019, having a deep and flexible roster will surely be more important than ever.
Released from Dynasty
September 4, 2018
Miro has been released from the Seoul Dynasty, according to the team's twitter account.
Miro's legacy as one of the founding fathers of Winston players cannot be understated, but it was abundantly clear during Season 1 that he is no longer up to snuff. Miro struggled to create meaningful space for Seoul, either playing too passively or relentlessly chain-feeding. When ryujehong gets swapped to main tank, you know something is wrong. Outside of Winston, Miro looked atrocious, putting up poor stats on Reinhardt and Orisa. Still, a legacy player like Miro can provide leadership and experience to any team he joins, so look for him to either retire or attempt to bounce back on a Contenders team.
Joins Pacific Division All-Star roster
June 26, 2018
ryujehong will start for the Pacific Division during the inaugural All-Star Game this August.
After a solid season of individual play, ryujehong will get to flex on his competition one last time at this year's All-Star Game. While he usually plays support, he's no stranger to other roles, having been a jack-of-all-trades for Seoul this season. With this being the All-Star Game, after all, expect plenty of shenanigans from this one.
To start for Pacific Division during All-Star Game
June 26, 2018
Fleta has been named to the starting roster of the Pacific Division during this year's All-Star Game.
Despite falling off along with the rest of his team in the last half of the season, Fleta will get one last appearance this season at the All-Star Game. He will be joined by his Dynasty teammate ryujehong, along with Fissure, Geguri, Custa, and Seagull on the starting roster. They'll certainly have their work cut out against the Atlantic Division's starting roster that's comprised of four members of the New York Excelsior's starting roster.
Leads Seoul to 4-0 win
April 9, 2018
tobi shined in the main healer role during the Dynasty's 4-0 sweep of the San Francisco Shock on Friday.
Throughout the course of the first season of the Overwatch League, tobi has become better and better as the patches roll through. That's not to say tobi is patch dependent as a player, though, as the main support role is essentially limited to 3 heroes, all of which tobi can play well. Rather, tobi's influence on Seoul comes in the form of shotcalling and leadership, both of which carried in this matchup. After seeing the Seoul B-team struggle against a new Valiant side, tobi's X-factors are suddenly much more noticeable, making him an invaluable tool for the Dynasty.
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