Los Angeles Gladiators
Tough loss for D.Va main
April 21, 2018
Bischu had a rough series, losing 3-2 to the Valiant on Wednesday.
Bischu wasn't quite himself in the neck and neck loss the Gladiators took at the hands of the Valiant. While he was able to make some plays as per usual, his ultimates were not having the massive impact that Bischu normally brings to the team. At first glance, it doesn't seem like a big deal since D.Va's aren't known for having big flashy plays, but Bischu has a knack for finding that special position to drop a bomb on an unsuspecting team. The Valiant, it seems, were well aware of his tricks. Bischu will have to go back to the drawing board before he faces off against New York later this week.
Expert Widowmaker
April 20, 2018
Surefore displayed expert marksmanship in a 2-3 loss to the Valiant on Wednesday.
Surefore played marvelously on Widowmaker during one of his team's two wins on the map Junkertown. Surefore was able to single-handedly shut down the enemy DPS, specifically the enemy Junkrat, as he sniped not one, not two, but every single RIP-Tire ultimate that came his team's direction throughout the offensive and defensive rotations. Sadly, his Widowmaker was not enough to carry his team to a much-needed victory.
Monkey king comes up short
April 20, 2018
Fissure took a tough loss in a 2-3 series against the Los Angeles Valiant on Wednesday.
Fissure reaffirmed that he is bar none the top tank player on both Winston and Orisa in a seat-clenching thriller that had an unfortunate end for the Gladiators. Fissure's excellent shotcalling and hero control made the Gladiators shine despite the devastating loss to their cross-town rivals. This loss currently has edged the Gladiators out of the playoffs for Stage 3, though there are still many weeks ahead for them to pull through.
Still top dog, or rather, top monkey
April 16, 2018
Fissure was his usual self in a close 3-2 victory over Seoul on Saturday.
Fissure showed that Asher isn't the reason his Winston is so impressive - as he did not need a Tracer counterpart which currently dominates the meta to be an unstoppable player who executes with marksman-like precision. Fissure mostly stuck to his beloved Winston and played in a very safe and controlled manner, never overextending and exhausting as much of his own health pool as he could safely do before returning to heal up. Fissure continues to be a consistent player for the Gladiators and a good one at that.
Surefore stole the show on Roadhog
April 16, 2018
Surefour was a domitable force in a 3-2 victory over Seoul on Saturday.
Surefour pulled out some triple tank for his team with an excellent Roadhog pick in several of the maps the Gladiators played on. This is a risky endeavor in the current meta, but with his hook accuracy of over 60 percent he absolutely stomped the competition and sent Seoul reeling as they tried to find an answer to the massive frontline the Gladiators had fielded. Surefour's play was so great that the Los Angeles squad decided to keep him in for the entire series, rather than having him share time with expert Tracer player Asher or the newly acquired Silkthread.
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