Florida Mayhem
Transferred from Seoul to Florida
September 11, 2018
Xepher has been transferred to the Florida Mayhem from the Seoul Dynasty, according to Florida'sTwitter account.
Xepher didn't get to do much on the Dynasty, as his role on off-tank was the only position that was consistent throughout a tumultuous first year of play as zunba proved that he is one of the best off-tanks in the world. When Xepher did get to play, he didn't show much, but then again the circumstances might have prevented him from showing his true potential. Fans were told about how good Xepher was in scrims, and this scrim-god reputation has followed him to Florida after a great tryout by all accounts. No longer living in zunba's shadow, Xepher gets to start anew and hopefully bring some consistency to the Mayhem's weak frontline. Main tank aWesomeGuy might benefit from having a Korean off-tank having his back, but it remains to be seen whether Florida's retooling will work or if Xepher has simply downgraded.
Fails to make an impact vs NYXL
April 9, 2018
CWoosH fed in the Mayhem's 4-0 sweep at the hands of the NYXL on Thursday.
CWoosH's Winston looked like the Philadelphia Fusion's Fragi from Stage 1 on Thursday, constantly dying to start fights. Unlike Fragi, who's man-mode aggressive play buys room for star DPS players, CWoosH just died. Nothing gained, just feeding JJoNak or Saebyeolbe's ultimate charge. CWoosH played the part of a battery for NYXL ults well but didn't do much for the Mayhem as the entire team got routed.
Problematic performance in big loss
April 9, 2018
Zuppeh struggled in the Mayhem's 4-0 loss to the NYXL on Thursday.
It has been said that the two most important positions in top-tier Overwatch are flex tank and flex support. While Manneten is fine, or serviceable, Zuppeh seems to have major issues when it comes to combating dive. Perhaps it's a Florida problem that just makes Zuppeh look bad, but a starting Zenyatta cannot die as much as Zuppeh did against the NYXL, especially when he requires Zebbosai to protect him at all times, creating a backline bubble that isn't helpful for the rest of his team. Florida needs to find some answers soon, or else Zuppeh will become the laughingstock of the league in due time.
Surprise visit that ended up being costly
March 19, 2018
zappis came in for a single game for the Florida Mayhem in their 3-1 victory over the Los Angeles Valiant on Day 2 in Week 4 of Stage 2 of the OWL.
zappis played for Florida's only loss in the series, for which he flexed onto the tank role. Despite the hype around his name, zappis failed to really make an impact on the map. Despite the team moving together nicely, with the three tanks the team was simply unable to deal enough damage to even capture the first point. zappis is known for his versatility, but we didn't see that in this match.
A silent killer on the sideline
March 19, 2018
TivQ was a solid source of damage for the Florida Mayhem against the Los Angeles Valiant in a 3-1 victory on Day 2 in Week 4 of Stage 2 of the OWL.
This series TviQ rarely popped off, but was undeniably had a huge presence throughout the series. While early on he got caught out of position, once settled TviQ was able to consistently apply damage on the Valiant players. This sideline style of DPS players opens up many possibilities for a team, and TviQ showed he can easily pull off this role.
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